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A restaurant that takes the phrase “size does matter” to heart, Little Peacock Café in Brunswick has a menu loaded with relatively simple dishes but everything is cooked well and piled high on the plate!

Little Peacock put on a wonderful, exclusive blogger event for the Melbourne Foodie Hub last night and judging from the length of time it took us all to choose from the new menu, there are plenty of tasty meals to choose from.

Breakfast and lunch fare are available all day so you can have risotto for breakfast or porridge for lunch. Whatever you order though, you can rest assured it’s going to be a huge serve.

We could hardly believe our eyes when the Berry Crumble Hotcake Stack arrived at the table. Soft and fluffy on the inside and a beautiful crusty surface, the hotcakes tasted fantastic with the mixed berries and whipped cream.

But by far, the most impressive aspect was the size – almost as round as the plate itself, there wasn’t one, but TWO hotcakes stacked on there.

I don’t know any other restaurant in Melbourne serving a double stack of hotcakes this size. And for only $16, you cannot beat that for breakfast in Melbourne.

The Breakfast Bread Bowl was a house special that impressed everyone at the table.

A hollowed out bread roll, stuffed to the absolute brim (overflowing, actually!) with cheesy scrambled eggs, tomato relish, capsicum, chorizo and bacon.

When you think of comfort food, this ticks all the boxes. Every element had great seasoning, cooked well and was jam-packed into the bread roll.

Thank you once again to Little Peacock for hosting the Melbourne Foodie Hub and showcasing your new menu! For diversity and value alone, it’s worth a visit so it’s really a bonus that everything tastes spectacular too!

Little Peacock Café
Stop 3, 10-14 Hope Street, Brunswick

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