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One thing about Australia is that there are never very many “old things”.

If you travel around Europe, you will inevitably stumble upon lots of family run restaurants that are older than our nation full stop.Gods interior

So when there is a restaurant in Australia with a little bit of history behind it, it is always fascinating.

God’s Kitchen in Mornington is an interesting venue; a popular restaurant among locals of all ages and a pulsing nightspot for twenty-somethings on a Friday or Saturday night.

The unique thing about this venue is that the indoor and al fresco restaurant, bar and live music venue is situated within a heritage listed church that was built in 1876 by William Grover. Since 1984 the church has been converted to a restaurant.

Reverend Caldwell came to Mornington in 1874 and commenced a long tenure with the church and town, eventually becoming one of the most influential citizens in the area.Gods Kitchen burger

In 1979 the Mornington Historic Society applied to the National trust to preserve the church, but the National Trust failed to find the building significant on a Statewide basis.

The front garden courtyard is a great place to kick back with a beer during summer with some mates. The glassed atrium and garden bar provides the feel of an old, English sunroom, with plenty of natural light during the day and an ethereal atmosphere at night.

If you venture inside the church itself, you will have yourself an unusual and charming dining experience, with high timber ceilings, which makes for some great live music!Gods Kitchen parma

The food ranges from good, honest pub food through to tapas to share or authentic woodfired pizzas. If you like a steak, God’s tout theirs to be “the best in Mornington.”

Whether you are keen to listen to some live music and enjoy a few drinks with mates on the weekend, or want a leisurely lunch on the Mornington Peninsula, God’s Kitchen ticks every box. It is a truly diverse venue, with good food, a range of lovely dining settings to choose from and plenty of great Peninsula wines to choose from.

53 Barkly Street, Mornington VIC 3931
(03) 5976 8666

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