A superfood brunch

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Juliana Mare’s unique brunch encounter at Merchants Guild will have you wanting to venture down to Bentleigh East to see what all the fuss is about!

There’s nothing better than brunch on the weekend and there’s so many trendy Melbourne cafés, which offer a delightful brunch menu, I’m beginning to lose track!

This weekend took me to Merchants Guild in Bentleigh East and their menu definitely impressed. As a gluten-free and (let’s face it), pretty picky eater, I more often than not, ask for changes or substitutions to my order.

At Merchant’s Guild, I was spoilt for choice when it came to ordering because their menu features a well-balanced variety of healthy, nutritious and superfood options.

Warm Tuscan kale, asparagus, roast cauliflower, quinoa and hazelnuts with two poached free-range eggs. The only alteration to my order was to minus the fetta, which was easily accommodated.

What I loved most about my meal was that it actually contained ample amount of the ingredients listed. It’s a frustrating occurrence – and I don’t know if it’s just a Melbourne thing or a general given in the restaurant industry – when the menu says hazelnuts for example and there’s only two nuts on the plate.

Let’s just say there were plenty of hazelnuts in my meal, as were there cauliflower flowerets, asparagus heads and strips of kale. It was well seasoned and the yolk from the perfectly poached eggs made for a delicious dressing for the quinoa.

While I understand the need to be different and stand out amongst the growing sea of brunch eateries in Melbourne, when my English Breakfast tea order arrived with an hourglass, counting down the appropriate brew time, I had to laugh.

A good old Tetley tea bag is enough for me so even the concept of tea leaves, which you have to strain in order to get your tea, I find over-the-top. So even though this quirky hourglass feature was totally unique and memorable, the gesture was lost on me.

Nonetheless, this was a really delicious breakfast, which will definitely see me return to Merchant’s Guild to try some other goodies on the menu.

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