Authentic Italian in Melbourne’s CBD

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The Mess Hall in Melbourne’s CBD is a great example of quality and yummy Italian style food, without the overs you would expect to pay considering its location.

Eros Cugusi from The Mess Hall says the concepts behind the restaurant are simple principles of good food, a casual yet warm environment and good value for money.

Francesco Ravanelli is the current executive chef. Born in Milan, he has worked around the globe including Michelin star restaurants in Milan and under legendary chef, Giorgio Locatelli in London.mess-hall-coffee

Cugusi says Ravanelli is “an ambitious chef who has developed a menu for The Mess Hall that showcases traditional regional Italian food with a clean twist, playing with colour. The food is genuine.”

“Our products are sourced mostly from Italian based suppliers,” explains Cugusi.

“Most of the dishes are made in-house like our pastas, our desserts, our muffins etc.

“Obviously freshness and quality are the most important factors when choosing our ingredients, but The Mess Hall also like to support local produce.”

The menu changes roughly twice a year to reflect the changes in seasonality of produce. These means you can expect to find heavier, heartier dishes in winter and lighter, fresher flavours in summer.

Cugusi says the most popular dishes on the menu are the avocado on dark rye with feta and chilli for breakfast and their housemade, authentic pastas are very popular for lunch/dinner.

“The spinach tagliatelle with duck ragu is very popular.

“Coffee is by far the most popular drink ordered, but our San Pellegrino mineral water is very popular during lunches and dinner. We also have a good range of Italian wines that are more popular in the evenings.”

It could be easy to assume The Mess Hall would be lost in amongst the mess of other gmess-hall-baked-eggs-sourdoughreat Italian restaurants in Melbourne, but Cugusi says they have an important point of difference.

“Despite being an authentic Italian restaurant we also do a very good breakfast which is not Italian. This makes us more diverse than other Italian restaurants.

“Furthermore, if you have been to The Mess Hall, the interior and atmosphere is essentially very Melbourne. People walk in and feel instantly at home, it’s cosy and warm.”

This article was originally published in 2015.

51 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000
(03) 9654 6800

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