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A micro-brewery is classified as a brewery that produces small amounts of beer with an emphasis on quality, flavour and brewing techniques.

Those three attributes go a long way to describing Victoria’s thriving Mornington Peninsula Brewery.

Craft brewing started appearing in the UK during the 1970’s in restaurants and pubs who didn’t want to be affiliated or controlled by large brewing companies. Being able to control your own price, margins and stock levels were an attractive advantage for these early brewing establishments.

Since the seventies, micro-brewing has spread from the UK throughout the world and is arguably going through its biggest boom period to date. Melbourne has embraced the craft beer culture with festivals and limited release beers popping up everywhere.Morning Peninsula Brewery  Beer Paddle

It’s also great fun to critique a beer in the same vein as you would wine and pretend you’re only drinking for the sole reason of trying out something new and interesting. When let’s be honest after half a dozen beers you’re going to be less discerning than at the first mouthful! Or is that just how my head works…?

Mornington Peninsula Brewery (MPB) opened in 2010, becoming an almost instant hit with tourists and frequently being listed as a ‘must-do’ on a trip to your Peninsula.

Due to its success locally MPB has continued expanding and kicking goals with their tasty brews now available right throughout Australia in selected restaurants and bottle shops. In 2014 MPB built a new larger brewery where they opened a canning facility. The canning line made MPB only the second microbrewery in Australia to have its own, on-site canning facility.

Currently the canning line includes ‘Mornington Pale,’ which is an cloudy, golden yellow American style pale ale. With both citrus and passionfruit aromas, it packs a tight white head and also showcases American hops which are added in late to the brewing process.

MPB Managing Director Matt Bebe, explains their decision “we saw the US beer market is flourishing with cans over there, and figured that it was working well in the US for a reason.

“The big reason we went with a can for our Pale Ale is that we believe that there are a lot of people who won’t move away from drinking canned beer… which means that they are unlikely to try a craft beer,” says Bebe.

The brewery bar, located in Mornington’s industrial park, is a great way to enjoy some unique local beers and appreciate the setting of a working brewery. The team provide guided brewery tours every Saturday and also throw on some entertainment every Saturday and Sunday.

MBP also serve up some tasty wood-fired pizzas from Thursday to Sunday to accompany the beer menu. The dough is made locally with Mornington Witbier and with some unique toppings such as pear and nutella you’re bound to find something which sits well with your MPB brew.

MPB head brewer Andrew Gow has a wealth of industry knowledge with time at Mountain Goat, Matilda Bay and 5 Islands so I’m sure we can expect many more exciting beers and projects from the team in the future.

Mornington Peninsula Brewery
72 Watt Road
Mornington VIC 3931
Brewery: (03) 5976 3663

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