Best foods for healthy skin

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With the icy winter weather upon us it is common to find your skin looks dry and dull. 

Instead of spending the big bucks on moisturisers and facials, there are some simple things you can eat and drink that will give you a healthy glow – even when the winter wind is chilly!


Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and with the average adult being made up of 50-65% water it is important to stay hydrated for soft and supple skin. Sometimes in colder weather it can be hard to get through the recommended two litres a day, so why not find alternatives like a steaming hot mug of green tea, or clear soups. That way you can warm up without going thirsty.

Berries and oranges

Vitamin C is a great way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dryness in the skin, so Vitamin C rich fruits are a tasty way to get your daily dose. If you can’t find good fresh berries in winter, try buying the frozen variety and make them into a filling smoothie! Or bake an orange cake smothered in syrupy orange quarters for a comforting dessert.

Good oils and fats

Olive oils, avocados, oily fish and nuts are all great example of fat that is fabulous! Fatty acids are a natural moisturiser and the antioxidants and Vitamin E that comes along with them don’t hurt either.


There is hardly anything more warming than a steaming, creamy bowl of pumpkin soups. And there are few things better for your skin! The orange colour of pumpkin comes from the carotenoids, which are basically antioxidants and enzymes that help cleanse your skin, so spend your Sunday cooking a big batch of soup for the week.


The high protein in yoghurt helps keep your skin firm, so therefore it is less likely to look lined and wrinkly. Just make sure you are picking a natural pot set or Greek yoghurt so you aren’t filling your body with processed sugar.

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