Best Pancakes in Melbourne

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I have a theory that all the best foods are round.

Stay with me here, because the more you think about it; the more it makes sense. Pizza – yes. Burgers – HELL yes. Oreos – give me more!

But in the circular game there can only be one winner. And that, my friends is the modest pancake. Said to have been around for centuries, pancakes are actually pretty simple to make; we usually have most of the ingredients in our fridge and pantry already. But it’s always better when someone else does it, especially if they do it as well as some of these Melbourne cafes.

So in celebration of Shrove Tuesday today, here is a quick go-to guide of some of the best hot(cake) spots in town!

Stokers Fine Pancakes

Originally opening in Ivanhoe back in 1977, Stokers is a Melbourne veteran when it comes to dessert. While they have had a change of scenery in recent years making the move to South Melbourne, the quality has not wavered one bit. Specialising in what they describe as Northern European pancakes; you can expect something that looks like a crepe, but is still fluffy on the inside.

Pancake Pro Tip:
Look for their secret menu for some fun and fascinating ways to devour pancakes!
231 Clarendon St, South Melbourne.

Long Story Short Cafe

Pancakes are a funny food. On one hand, they are delicious with minimal toppings; a dash of maple syrup, or a sprinkle of sugar with a squeeze of lemon. Sometimes though, pancakes are merely a carrier to make your wildest dessert dreams come true. Enter the Buttermilk Tim Tam Pancakes at Long Story Short Cafe. This breakfast (if you can call it that) is on another level. Paired with poached nashis, vanilla peanuts, marscapone chocolate soup (yeah, you heard ‘em) and Tim Tam freakin gelato – these pancakes are not for the faint hearted.

Pancake Pro Tip: Maybe plan to walk home after these bad boys.
40 Crockford St, Port Melbourne.

Axil Coffee Roasters

The Gods chefs at Axil Coffee Roasters have managed to capture decadence on a plate. Their Red Velvet Pancakes with raspberries are the perfect breakfast treat to look forward to. Served with black sesame ice cream, cream cheese ganache and chocolate brownie soil, this dish still manages to look elegant and extremely insta-worthy when served up. Try to continue this demeanor as you devour the whole plate.

Pancake Pro Tip:
Also on the menu are the Dark Chocolate Waffles with peanut butter parfait. Not quite pancakes, more like their sidekick – still round and still delicious.
322 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn.

Ten One Ate

Since Nutella has basically earned its own food group, it would be wrong to not mention a cafe that is bringing it to life in circular motion. Ten One Ate do the most amazing Nutella Pancakes – not pancakes spread with nutella, no. GODDAMN NUTELLA FLAVOURED PANCAKES. Served with caramelised bananas, marscapone, vanilla floss, Nutella ganache AND roasted hazelnuts. OK, we have died and gone to dessert heaven. Just send the bill to the morgue.

Pancake Pro Tip:
These guys are also well known for their crazy shakes if one dessert meal wasn’t enough for breakfast.
1018 Mt Alexander Rd, Essendon.

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