Brunch re-imagined at Industry Beans

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Industry Beans, one of Melbourne’s many prime coffee locations, is re-imagining brunch with their range of dishes and thoughtful flavour pairings.

Clare Palmer is the restaurant manager at Industry Beans, and she filled us in on the way all of the meals on the menu are created with the coffee in mind, either as an ingredient or a pairing.

“We utilise coffee in the cooking process to showcase the diversity and usefulness of coffee as an ingredient,” explains Palmer.

“We also create dishes to pair with coffee, such as our Summer on a Plate (pictured above), a deconstructed dish based on the tasting notes of our Summer Espresso blend – Cherry Ripe, Apricot Jam, Raspberry.  The dish consists of a chocolate base, cherry jelly, espresso ice cream foam, apricot mousse and raspberry coulis.”

Palmer explains that Industry Beans aim to offer the highest quality food, coffee, teas, chocolate and juices alongside friendly, inclusive service.latte-industry-beans

“We don’t feel any pressure to prioritise coffee or food above the other, more so focus on delivering a full suite of brunch deliciousness.”

We have taken the approach of treating brunch as a two or three course affair. This is a relatively new approach to encourage patrons to take the time to enjoy a full experience of what we call ‘Brunch Re-imagined’.

“An example of one way to enjoy the Industry Beans menu for two people would be:

Start with a share plate Industry Charcuterie: Duck bacon, marinated rare beef, tea marbled egg, salt cured yolk, fennel remoulade. manchego croquette, pear and saffron relish and Pedro Ximenez prunes followed by a pairing of the Tamarind Blue Swimmer Crab: Crispy prawn, green apple, lychees, thai herb omelette and side of Prawn Larb Tod: Tamarind, lychees, betel leafthen to finish, the ultimate coffee experience the Coffee Garden: Coffee custard pudding, coffee caviar, cold drip gel, chocolate soil, pistachio sponge and tuille.” 

Palmer says that their head chef Jess Allen is the key driver behind the initial design of the dishes.

“In collaboration with Industry Beans director Trevor Simmons, they develop the dish into a menu-worthy creation.

“From there the dish is trialled and feedback is gathered through the kitchen and management team before the dish is rolled out on the menu for our patrons to enjoy.”

The team at Industry Beans work closely with their suppliers to source local and seasonal produce where possible.

Palmer says a lot of their fresh vegetables and herbs come from the Yarra Valley and surrounds, and fruit is sourced from around Australia, depending on seasonality.

While director Trevor Simmons focuses on the food and beverage side of things, his brother and fellow director Steve Simmons looks after our coffee sourcing and wholesale supply to other cafés and restaurants.

“Simmons actually just got back from a two week trip to Colombia recently, after spending some quality time with farmers, producers and exports throughout the coffee growing regions in Colombia.

“Our approach is to source the best quality produce, evaluate and develop roasting profiles to enhance the characteristics of the coffee and then extract a balanced and enjoyable shot for our customers to enjoy.

“We stock over 20 different origins and work to showcase the diversity and quality of coffee from around the globe.” 

Industry Beans also produce a couple of ‘house’ blends which reflect the yearly growing season’s flavour profile with quality coffees from that years’ crop. They also run a seasonal blend every three months to correspond with the weather and mood of the season.

According to Palmer, an amazing coffee is made up of a few different things.

“You must start with quality green coffee. We believe that through caring and understanding each and every stage of the process from crop to cup we can control the variables and respect the produce to full realise the potential of this amazing ingredient.

“A good cup of coffee is one that fairly represents the terroir and processing of the green coffee, the controlled development of the roasting process, the carefully and even handed extraction and the delivery of all of it – with a smile!”

Warehouse 3
62 Rose Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065

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