Chicken chewed cheerfully amongst chums

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Recently four chums came together to enjoy the scrumptious ‘Chicken Tonight’ dinner special at Shannon Bennett’s Piggery Café.’

On arrival staff were both friendly and accommodating and the establishment had a certain ambience about it, which left us excited for the night ahead. The Café was a bit chilly on this wet winter’s night, so I would suggest bringing an extra coat; luckily this soon went unnoticed after a glass or two of red.

We started off the meal with a shared chacuterie platter, setting a high standard for the night ahead. chacuterie-boardThe platter offered a large array of cured meats alongside a generous serving of their house-made bread. The quality of the food spoke for itself and the platter was quickly devoured.

The Chicken Tonight special came next and boy, oh boy if you like chicken this is the dish for you! Plated up on wooden boards (which somehow I believe made the dish even better) came a degustation of chicken cooked in any and every way you can imagine. The creamy aioli accompaniment and chicken really should run away and get married because they complimented each other perfectly, providing a superior combination of taste.

Topping the dish were the chicken nuggets, and blimey those nuggets were good! They offered the perfect balance of crunch to chicken adding a totally new element to the meal. Unfortunately I am unsure as to whether I’ll ever be able to eat nuggets ever again, as I will struggle to find nuggets this amazing elsewhere.

This destination is an absolute gem and I can definitely see even more potential for enjoyment in the warmer months with a large outdoor eating area onlooking the croquet and bowls grounds. Overall a fantastic night and I would definitely recommend to all those soles brave enough to enter into Sherpa territory.

1 Sherbrooke Rd,
Sherbrooke VIC 3789
(03) 9021 2100 

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