Death by chocolate at Brunetti

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Brunetti is a Melbourne dessert institute. The epitome of Lygon Street decadence and the home of Melbourne’s Little Italy.

In the lead up to Easter, Trading Plates paid the sugar heaven a visit to check out the best chocolatey treats that they have on offer and while it was harder than Sophie’s Choice, we managed to narrow it down to our top three favourites.

Number three: The Cannoli Cioccolato.chocolate3
An Italian stalwart, the Cannoli Cioccolato at Brunetti is hard to ignore. With a case that is as crisp and light as it is buttery and an impossibly velvety chocolate custard filling, this little baby is everything you want in a Cannoli and more. Even the most traditional Italians will be crying out “delizioso!” every time.

Number two: The Chocolate Oblivion.chocolate2
There are few things more comforting than a dense, rich gooey chocolate pudding, no matter how old you are. The Chocolate Oblivion at Brunetti answers all of your pudding prayers. With a nutty almond crumb on top to add texture to the endless cakey heaven and the option to have it served warm with cream or vanilla ice cream, this really has it all. Unlike like some chocolate desserts that can be overly rich and sickly, the spongy texture of the Oblivion means you can eat the whole teacupful, without having to share.

Number one: The Chocolate Fondant.chocolate1
You know those aforementioned overly rich and sickly chocolate desserts? This is certainly one of them and we couldn’t love it more! The beautifully geometric layer cake is served with elegant dark chocolate ganache droplets and a signature Brunetti chocolate disc. The cake itself is strangely light, yet impossibly rich, but just when you think another mouthful will make you ill, you cannot help but dive back in for more. Even for the most seasoned chocoholics out there, we highly recommend a strong Italian coffee to accompany this dessert, as you will need it if you want to finish this masterpiece and walk away unscathed.

380 Lygon Street, Carlton VIC 3053
(03) 9347 2801

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