Dinner by Heston

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Dinner by Heston Blumenthal. A meal to remember for the rest of your culinary days.


Frumenty (c.1390)- Grilled octopus, spelt, pickled red moss, chervil emulsion & smoked sea broth

When you first enter the restaurant, you are immediately struck by the stunning view of the Yarra River. You feel like you are perched on top of the city with all the beautiful people. And you are certainly treated like one of the beautiful people, with the wait staff tending to your every need.

You can begin the evening perusing the extensive cocktail and wine lists and enjoying wines from all around the world, before moving on to the uniquely set out food menu.


Beef rib special

The concept wouldn’t do Blumenthal justice unless it was equal parts wacky and unforgettable.

In a nod to “typical British quirky history and linguistic playfulness”, Blumenthal says Dinner was the natural choice for the name, and if nothing else it is easy to remember!

It is never easy naming a restaurant. On this occasion, I wanted something that represented our menu that is inspired by historic British gastronomy, so I searched for a name that had a bit of history, but was also fun.


Powdered Duck Breast (c.1670)- Cooked with Ale and artichokes

“In the past, the main meal – dinner – was eaten at midday, before it got too dark. But affordable candles and, later, gaslight saw dinner shift.

“By the mid-1800s people were dining later. People working in the cities were taking a ‘lunch’ to work and having their main meal at 5.00pm when they got home, while in rural areas the main meal was still taken at midday.

“Even today, depending where you are in the British Isles, ‘dinner’ might be served at lunchtime, suppertime or, indeed, dinnertime!”


Chocolate and Earl Grey Ganache with Carway Seed Biscuits

Once you understand the concept and the historical overtones of the menu, it is much easier to embrace.

With dishes named things like “meat fruit” and “savoury porridge”, it would be easy for “normal” diners, to feel a bit overwhelmed, but the food, however confusingly described is delicious and very palatable even for gastronomic novices.

Most dishes are made up of one fairly mainstream protein, such as a duck breast, steak or pork belly and are just prepared with such thorough and complex technique, that the textures and flavours are the touch of Heston you are expecting.

For a meal that won’t bankrupt you for a year, but an experience you will never forget, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal is a fantastic alternative to The Fat Duck offering that we had the pleasure of hosting in Melbourne earlier in the year…. And now to London to compare Dinners!

8 Whiteman St,
Southbank VIC 3006

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