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For the past few years, it’s become a Christmas tradition that my beautiful Mum and I share, to decorate gingerbread houses for all our holiday functions. 

While I wish I had the time, patience and talent to make the gingerbread from scratch, we’ve come to love the build-your-own kits from Aldi supermarket, which will seriously exceed your expectations.

Which wall is your favourite? Musk Sticks or Chocolate Freckles? ??? My Gingerbread House details #ontheblog now!

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After years of practice, I’ve become quite the speedy gingerbread house assembler so it takes longer to place the decorations that it actually does to put together. This year, I decided to go for some new candy choices and am delighted with how bright and colourful the house turned out!

Featuring rainbow smarties, chocolate freckles, Maltesers and the new kids on the block –  liquorice allsorts and musk sticks!

Normally, the front fence is made from iced pretzel shapes that come with the pack but I thought the allsorts blocks, with their bright pink and orange stripes, would make a nice change.

By far the hardest part of the decorating process is making sure the chocolate and lollies actually end up on the gingerbread! My trick to avoid eating half the decorations on their own – chew a piece of gum while you work!

I love the creativity of decorating the gingerbread houses and Mum and I always end up in a friendly competition to see whose turns out prettier!

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