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Sometimes you are craving takeaway but don’t have the money or calories to spare.

So, how can satisfy your cravings without blowing your budget or your waistline?

There are many ways you can re-create your favourite junk foods at home with slightly healthier ingredients that will barely make a difference to the taste.


You can get some delicious gourmet pizza bases from the supermarket nowadays, or, if you want to be extra healthy, you can go a wholemeal pita bread for a base and load it up with all sorts of veges, antipasto and meat. Use up some leftover roast chicken and do a BBQ chicken pizza, or grab some mushrooms, ham and artichokes from the deli and put together a Capricciosa.


A parma is a pub favourite, but you can find yourselves paying upwards of $25 for the humble chook dish, while on your way to a cardiac arrest. A healthier version at home is a grilled chicken breast with tomato pasta, ricotta and lean ham. Or if you aren’t feeling quite as virtuous, buy a schnitzel and load it up with cheese, Napoli sauce and ham before whacking it in the oven. Oven baked sweet potato chips and a salad can be a great healthy side for your parma too.

Noodle box

A good old fashioned Pad Thai or Singapore fried noodles is one of the great takeout options. Whether you are in a shopping centre food court or a suburban strip of shops, a noodle stir fry is a delicious choice – and inclusive! Vegetarians, seafood lovers or meat eaters all have plenty to choose from.


If you want to be healthy, you can break out the pita bread again for this one! Tear it up, spray it with a bit of oil and a sprinkle of salt. Bake it in the over and voila – you have your own tortilla chips. Or, if you’re feeling lazy, just grab a packet of original corn chips, and lather your chip of choice with a salsa, cheese, jalopenos and if you’re feeling fancy maybe some chilli beef? Into the oven it goes.


Ahhh, the burger. Arguably the classic takeaway choice. And to create your own McFeast, all you need is a bit of beef mince moulded into a patty, whatever salad you want and a flat hamburger roll. Chuck in some sauce and cheese and you are laughing!

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