Eau-de-Vie old world charm

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Hidden away in a Melbourne laneway is one of the city’s best kept secrets- Eau-de-Vie.

A speakeasy cocktail bar with a difference, Eau-de-Vie is old-world class meets modern day cool, basically everything Melbourne’s exclusive laneway culture epitomises.

Eau-de-Vie is made up of three main sections.

The main bar:
The heart and soul of Eau-de-Vie. 700+ back bar spirits and where the magic happens behind the bar.

Whisky Room:
Secretively hidden behind the ‘fake book-case’, the Whisky Room takes its name from our huge stash of great whiskies that are stored here. It’s also home to the personal bottle lockers where you can stash and store your favourite spirits.

Degustation Table:
The Eau-de-Vie Degustation table is a custom built bar height table where five course cocktail degustations are hosted, as well as a number of spirits and wine tastings throughout the year.

The bartenders specialise in some amazing drinks, check out these worldly drinks below:

Eau-de-Vie’s Luke presents the Bloomsbury Bitter. A gin is transformed into a beer style cocktail.

Eau-de-Vie’s Sven Almenning gives us the ‘Art of Sabrage’  Sven shows us an old school way to open Champagne. Very cool!

Eau-de-Vie’s Barry Chalmers presents the Lady’s Leg Cosmopolitan. Barry pimps out the famous Sex and the City cocktail with a $2000 ladies leg shaker.

Eau-de-Vie’s Dr Phil presents us the old time favourite the dry martini.

1 Malthouse Lane Melbourne, VIC

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