Elise Berodier – My Thesis in 180 Seconds

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[Music] [Music] hi my name is Ellis Bharati and this story is what I came up with to present my PhD work for a lot of people concrete reminders of sprawling cities and pollution to me is the opposite when I think of concrete I see a large field of flowers flowers you ask when we mix concrete we only use aggregate cement and water there are not any flowers involving this mix you say well let me tell you a story when cinnamon meets for the first time water it’s love at first at swimmin completely dissolves into her as a union solidifies flowers or born like this one individually they look very small and delicate but if you are comfortable walking into a tall building or crossing a highway bridge you already trust and rely on these flowers by growing and looking together they became a very strong and incredible Network this flower or structural performance of concrete unfortunately in all modern era this beautiful love story is compromised why you ask well it’s a little embarrassing but simul has some gas trouble to elaborate it has some problem with carbon dioxide concrete can take appeal to control is gas so what do we do we could simply reduce or stop cement production but this would mean that we wouldn’t be able to build the infrastructure that humanity has come to rely on so no more tall building bridges and so many other things crazy right we might as well go back to the stone Age’s another alternative which is more realistic is to find a substitute of women such means alternative material that can form flowers the trick is finding a module second form flowers it is not that easy don’t give hope scientists have been thinking about this question for a while now and they have made amazing discoveries calendly ashes or even by-product from industry can form flowers as a material engineer I get to play the role of Capet bringing cement water and these greener materials together I study their interaction the problem is love is a tricky business and not every relationship can make strong flowers and so strong concrete but no need to worry I have great news the combination of three or more of these greener material leads to even better flowers than in plain cement so next time you are next to some concrete I encourage you to reach out and touch this cool grey wonder and feel how strong the flower power of concrete is thank you [Music] it’s a new get ready traps and looking to ladies don’t resent you see Allah terminus we’re now pushing for everybody under obviously whatever commodity is something [Music]

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