Food fads: frozen yoghurt

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As an avid foodie, one thing I am always very wary of is ‘food fads’.

In a cultural hotspot like Melbourne, there are always a myriad of different culinary buzzwords circulating at any one time. For awhile, it was American BBQ, then pho,then ramen, authentic Mexican and so on. As good as they may be to the tastebuds, it is always interesting to see how long they will last for before the masses move on to the next big thing. However, one of the latest foodie fads that I particularly hope is here to stay is frozen yoghurt. frozen1

An avid artisan gelato fan but always conscious of the calories, frozen yoghurt is the perfect combination of a delicious chilled sweet treat and healthy alternative.

One of my favourite places to head to for my guilt-free dessert is Frozen, by a Thousand Blessings on Bridge Road in Richmond. Their frozen yoghurt is made with stevia rather than sugar, a controversial sweetener extracted from the leaves of a plant. It has up to 150 times the sweetness of sugar and has a longer duration and slower onset than sugar when used in cooking.

Frozen have a range of rotating flavours, such as coconut, original, wild berries, hazelnut and almond mylk, chocolate, passionfruit, mango, dragonfruit and the list goes on. Every flavour has a nutritional information card that goes along with it, so while all the flavour varieties are low fat, you can see exactly which ones are will alter your waistline more than others.

The real trick to remember with frozen yoghurt, especially if you are health conscious, is to choose your toppings wisely. There is no point in forgoing creamy, rich ice cream for the lighter yoghurt alternative, if you are then going to fill your cup with with Reeses Pieces Peanut Butter Cups and cookie dough (although if you aren’t worried about your waistline then this is a brilliant idea!!!).

Try to stick to fresh fruits, raw nuts, low fat muesli or granola, chia seeds or other superfood toppings and not only will you feel virtuous but you will be able to appreciate the clean, fresh flavours of the yoghurt more clearly.

So, as they say at Frozen:

“Pick your flavours, fill it up. Pick your toppings, pile it up. Weigh your creations, scoop it up.”

390 Bridge Road Richmond

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