Food trends from 2016

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It is hard to believe but 2016 is drawing to a close! 

Before we bid the year goodbye, let’s reminisce about some of our favourite foodie trends from 2016 – and some of the others we will be happy to see the back of.

1. Freakshakes 

Ahhh freakshakes! The drink that is honestly more of a meal. A milkshake or thickshake piled high with sugary fun – anything from donuts, to cookies, lollies or whole chocolate bars, these heavenly monstrosities seemed to get wilder and more extreme as the year went on. To be honest, these have just about hit peak crazy, we are not sure where they could possibly go from here.

2. Camel milk

Ergh. This is one trend we never managed to get on board with. When almond and soy milk almost overtook cow’s milk in popularity we thought we had seen it all! But when camel milk burst on to the scene we didn’t know what to think. High in protein, iron and calcium and low in lactose it makes sense… but do you really want to drink it? Bye.

3. Beertails

What is better than a crisp, cold beer? Or maybe a fancy schmance cocktail is more your thing? Well in the immortal words of Old El Paso girl –

– enter: the beertail. All sorts of creative cocktails are being whipped up using craft beers. Some of them are amazing and definitely worth continuing to dabble with in the new year.

4. Fake meat

Many people are becoming more health and environmentally conscious than ever, and with that comes a desire for non-animal meat substitutes. Whether you are vegetarian/ vegan or not, many people are trying to cut down on their meat consumption, which means places like Lord of the Fries and Smith and Deli are enjoying their time in the sun with meat-free burgers, chicken and everything in between.

5. Artisan ice cream

I scream, you scream – we definitely ALL screamed for ice cream in 2016. Obviously the Gelato Messina’s of the world helped the artisan ice cream cause, with all sorts of kooky flavours being rolled out – and specialties being created for specific events like the recent Night Noodle Markets. Something tells us we haven’t seen the last of this creamy treat – and quite frankly, we are thrilled!

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