Foods to fight colds this winter

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It’s getting to that time of year when everyone around you is sniffling and trying to fight off colds and flus. 

It is commonly accepted that natural remedies like vitamin C and Echinacea are wonderful ways to prevent yourself from getting sick. So if you’re tired of popping expensive vitamin supplements, we have compiled a list of some of the best foods to eat in the chilly months, to ensure you stay fit and healthy all through winter.

Avocados are not only delicious, but can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They are full of a range of vitamins such as potassium and are great for overall health, including lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Paired with some lemon or lime juice, which is packed with vitamin C, a smear of this on toast is truly a breakfast of champions.

Blueberries sometimes get overlooked for their rosy cousin, the strawberry, but blueberries are a great source of a whole variety of vitamins, including vitamin C. Best eaten fresh, blueberries are a delicious snack, or if you’re feeling naughty, sprinkling them into a muffin mixture or pancake batter is a cheeky alternative!

It is a well known fact that fish is full of omega 3, but salmon is a particularly nutrient rich option when choosing a seafood treat. Not only does salmon reduce obesity, it also helps fight auto-immune disease. So when you are feeling weak and vulnerable among the sickies at work, a steamed piece of salmon is a great lunch option!

The humble spud is not always associated with healthy eating, but it is surprising the goodness that is packed into such an unimposing vegetable. Both vitamins C and B6 are great sources of immunity and are found in abundance in a potato. Just be careful about overdoing it with oils and fats when cooking them!

While dairy doesn’t necessarily agree with everyone, if you are a fan of yoghurt it is a great way to promote healthy bacteria in your stomach. This is particularly important if you have been sick and taken antibiotics, as yoghurt can replenish the good bacteria that have been killed off. Not only this, but 70 per cent of immunity comes from your digestive tract, so it is an important part of the body to keep healthy. Natural or Greek yoghurts are best and you should look for brands high in acidophilus.

Dark chocolate:
Chocoholics, this is your lucky day! It has been proven that a square or two of dark chocolate a day is actually good for you. Not only is it high in antioxidants, but dark chocolate with 70 per cent cocoa or more will act as decent cough suppressant too. So next time your throat is tickling, reach for some Old Gold rather than a Butter Menthol.

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