Free fries for National French Fry Day

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To celebrate National French Fry Day today, we caught up with Mark Koronczyk, founder of Lord of the Fries (LOTF), who gave away free fries for an hour today around the country.


What is the history of National Fry Day?

Originating in the US, we like to think that we have brought National French Fry Day to Australia! It is simply a day to celebrate the crispy, golden deliciousness of the fry, of all varieties! Not just for kids, French fries are a favourite for all ages.

How many years has LOTF been celebrating National Fry Day for?

This is the first year we have ever celebrated National French Fry Day, and we’re so excited about it. As a fry-joint, we love and appreciate fries every day of the year, but it’s nice to celebrate with the rest of Australia on this special day.

What is the most popular fry/ sauce combo at LOTF?

Our classic fries are always a winner, and they go perfectly with our Vietnamese spicy vegan mayo, and for customers who are a bit fancy, our French Canadian always hits the spot!

How many free fries do you expect to give away?

As it is the first time that we are giving out free fries for National French Fry Day, we really have no idea how many we will give away. With 10 stores across Australia, we’re guessing it will be a lot!

What’s next for LOTF?

We always have big plans. Continuously changing up our menu is always on the cards, depending on what our customers are asking for – a lot of our food innovations stem from customer feedback!

We have plans to expand our reign across Australia (and maybe even abroad) with more new store openings.

We’re also committed to spending this year looking at how we can continue to have an even bigger positive impact on our world. From reviewing our supply chain, our systems and processes and giving back more to the communities in which we operate, to seeing how we can bring our community along for the ride with us… Watch this space!

Lord of the Fries gave away free fries between 1-2pm on Wednesday 13 July at all Lord of the Fries stores.

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