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Juliana Mare’s latest recipe will have you getting creative and saving money this summer.

Melbourne has been good lately, giving us a taste of the warmer weather to come. And with the warmer weather, comes the communal desire for cold desserts; ice cream, icy-poles and my personal favourite – frozen yogurt.

However spending $4 for a single ice cream or around $8 for a tub of frozen yogurt isn’t a very affordable way to get through the summer. Solution – make your own!frozen-pop

In preparation for the sweltering Aussie heat, I purchased an icy-pole mould and highly recommend if you don’t already have one, visit your local Dollar King and get one. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy and will only set you back around $2.50.

If you’re an ice-cream fan, using frozen fruit is a fantastic way to make your own creamy sorbets during summer. Check out my Vegan Banana Berry Nice Cream or Fruit Bowl Nice Cream recipes, which are much healthier and natural than anything you’ll find at the supermarket. However if you don’t have a NutriBullet or high-power blender, icy-poles are your next best option

The flavour possibilities for homemade icy-poles are endless! Whether you’re a fresh fruit person or a creamy chocolate fan, with the right ingredients, these can be a refreshing, low-calorie and healthy summertime snack.

Fitting, seeing as watermelons are popping up all over the supermarkets at the moment, my first batch was Watermelon & Coconut!

The watermelon keeps its sweetness even when frozen and the coconut cut through this nicely. However a citrus fruit like lime would also work well also. I’ve seen recipes online of watermelon popsicles with obscure ingredients like chilli or salt, which would be interesting to try next time.

One thing you do need to make sure of though is to wait until your icy-poles are fully set before removing them from the moulds! Most recipes will say to wait a minimum of four hours but I find anythless less that 12 hours and the chances of your mould pulling out of the icy-pole is still high.

Each Watermelon & Coconut Popsicle is only 28 calories, only 1g of fat and 3g sugar, which is all natural and comes from the watermelon.

The smooth texture comes from the addition of Almond Milk and yogurt alongside the fruit juice however if you prefer more of an authentic ‘ice’ texture, you could remove these two ingredients and just freeze the fruit juice on its own.

• 300g watermelon cubes, juiced.
• 10g shredded or dessicated coconut.
• 70mL Almond Breeze Almond & Coconut Milk.
• 90g Tamar Valley No-Fat Natural Yogurt.

• Juice the watermelon.
• Add remaining ingredients and mix thoroughly.
• Pour into moulds, insert lids and feeze overnight.

For more healthy summer recipes, follow @juliimare on Instagram and visit Peaches & Push Ups!

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