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5Five Bakehouse is an artisan style bakehouse kitchen located in Oakleigh.

Owner Sam Kourelis is a self proclaimed ‘jack of all trades’ who has been in the food industry for 15 years.

He and his wife started the bakehouse café just over a year ago.

“My eight year old daughter actually came up with the name for the café because there are five people in our family.

“We thought a café with a built in bakehouse seemed like something that was just missing in the area. Everything in this area is very Greek and we do more the French style pastries, croissants, danishes and breads.5Five bakehouse sandwiches

“There are three pastry chefs and four other chefs out the back also that cook the main menu.

“Jack Kvalic is our award winning head pastry chef and he comes up with all the concepts and recipes for the desserts and then my wife does most of the main menu stuff.”

The cakes range from all sorts of on trend crowd-pleasers like a variety of gourmet flavoured cronuts and muffingtons (a cross between a muffin and lamington) as well as more traditional fare such as crème brulee tarts, almond crossiants and sweet biscuits.

The pastry kitchen at 5Five Bakehouse is open plan so that customers can watch the chefs at work creating the sweet treats.

“We wanted people to be able to see exactly what was being made.

“With lots of cake shops you don’t know what you’re buying, everything looks fantastic on display but where has it come from? Especially cakes, a lot of them have preservatives and last a very long time, whereas our cakes would last three or four days maximum.

“We always use fresh ingredients so there are no preservatives, if it is no good it is out.”

Kourelis describes the savoury menu at 5Five Bakehouse as “modern Australian with a bit of European influence” with the aim of accommodating everyone in the area.

5Five Bakehouse get their fruit and vegetables from local shops in the area and we have three different suppliers for our ingredients for the pastries.

“We get our coffee beans direct from Italy and they are roasted and brewed over there. They have containers coming over every two weeks so they’re always fresh,” says Kourelis.

22 Eaton Mall Oakleigh,

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