How to cook the perfect egg

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Sometimes in life, it is the simple things that bring the greatest pleasure.

And what better simple pleasure is there than a perfectly cooked egg? Whether it be a high protein breakfast on the run, a brunch at a trendy café of baked shakshouka, a simple poached egg on toast, omelettes at a buffet or a hard boiled egg in a salad- the list only goes on. But, no matter how you like your egg, it is important to cook it well, which can sometimes be trickier than you would first think.

So, where better to look than to the experts? We have turned to celebrity chefs to find out their top tips for cooking the perfect egg.

Jamie Oliver certainly has something to say when it comes to making the perfect omelette. See below for his top tips.

And if that isn’t enough omelette expertise for you, some of the top chefs in the UK have weighed in with their top tips and recipes. You can check them out here.

If a simple soft boiled egg with soldiers is more your style, Gary Mehigan from Masterchef Australia took the contestants from a previous season through his “recipe” for the perfect childhood breakfast. You can find out his secrets here or watch the video below.

Speaking of Masterchef, Matt Preston is always one to bring a restaurant style dish down to the manageable level of a home cook. So, if you’re looking to impress some brunch guests this weekend, you should definitely try out his recipe for slow cooked eggs and asparagus.

And when it comes to kings of the kitchen, it is hard to go past Heston Blumenthal and his recipe for perfectly scrambled eggs. Perhaps not as good for the waistline as a simple boiled egg, it is nevertheless it is perfect for an indulgent weekend treat over the Sunday paper.

What is your secret to cooking the perfect egg?

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  1. Excellent guide. This looks just wonderful. I will have to follow along and give this a try. I will make sure to respond with how it works out for me. I have a feeling the will be a new breakfast queen running the kitchen. Thanks!

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