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Opening late in 2014, Aunty Peg’s is unique with its 25 per cent showroom/ 25 per cent café/ 25 per cent roasting house and 25 per cent DIY coffee workshop set up. In light of this, giving it one label is a tricky task! It’s a lot easier to describe it as a utopia for fanatics of the coffee bean.

Inside Aunty Peg’s clean, hipster interior is what appears to be a central bar with contraptions that look like beer taps, but as you approach you recognise it’s more like Walter White’s laboratory out of Breaking Bad. The large two-storey building was built and designed by the director of affiliated Proud Mary Coffee Roasters, Nolan Hirte and his father.

Aunty Peg’s can be a little daunting if you’re not a coffee aficionado as you’re met with a menu that lists where the coffee was farmed and at what elevation that farm was above sea level. They also go into the processing method used to turn the cherries into coffee beans.

Being a little sketchy on the processing methods ourselves, Trading Plates looked into the main principals of processing beans:
Natural: is when no layers are removed and the cherry is left to dry.
Honey: skin and pulp are removed from the cherry but some or all of the honey (mucilage) remains.
Washed: skin, pulp and fluid are removed using water and fermentation. It’s the most common and conventional form of an Arabica coffee.
Pulped natural: as above, but skipping the fermentation process using a high-tech pressure washing machine to remove the skin and pulp.

Each of the methods basically effects how dry the bean ends up becoming, with the honey method being about midway between dry and wet. Proud Mary (the coffee roasters and producers that run Aunty Peg’s) are all about fresh coffee, shipping their coffee orders the day after roasting to make sure you are getting top quality coffee each and every time.pegs4

After getting your head around the menu, reading about where your bean has come from and the flavour you can expect in your mug you’re almost ready to select how you’re going to drink your brew.

Just don’t go asking for a latte, flat white or anything with milk in it for that matter, as Aunty Peg’s is all about experiencing coffee in its purest form.

Well that narrows down my choice, you say… Wrong! Aunty Peg’s will open your eyes to so many methods of coffee drinking, from the trusty espresso to syphoning methods.

The helpful baristas at the bar love the chance to explain the brewing methods to you as they create your coffee in front of you. From the provided take home cheat sheets so you can do it yourself, to listening to the baristas in action, you leave Aunty Peg’s with more than just beans and coffee equipment.

Different methods:
Pour over: Delicious and clean. Pouring your grinded coffee through a filtered cone in a slow circular motion until you measure is achieved.pegs2
Syphon: Steeped in tradition and mystique, it is made using equipment that causes rising boiled water to hit the coffee as you stir.
French press / plunger:  Beautiful and simple. Boiled water poured directly onto coffee then plunged.
Espresso: Tampered coffee as seen in most cafés.
Stove top:  An ‘old school’ way of making expresso at home.
Clever dripper: Billed as the simplest way of brewing coffee at home using filters and boiled water.
Aeropress: Portable and easy and available in the Trading Plates online store at
Cold drip: Coffee done cold! A two to six hour brew that produces a rich, syrupy concentrate that you can store for up to two weeks.

pegs3For more details / videos on different methods head to the Proud Mary Coffee Roasters website here.

Aunty Peg’s is really all about showcasing Proud Mary coffee and the work they put into each bag of beans. It really is like Disneyland for the bean hunters in Melbourne. With their onsite training facility for classes, they practice what they preach, willingly showing customers about what is going into their cups.

Hirte really sums up the trendy coffee paradise best- “Aunty Peg’s is the cellar door’ to the roastery and to our coffee.”


Aunty Peg’s
200 Wellington Street, Collingwood Victoria
Open seven days from 8am – 5pm.
Phone: (03) 9417 1333

Bean Photo and processing source:

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