Kitchen hacks for those who can’t cook

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Sometimes you just don’t feel like cooking and that is fine. But when payday is still another few weeks away and treating yourself to a meal out isn’t an option, you may need to suck it up and hit the kitchen.

We have come up with some pain free kitchen hacks for those who are not inclined to cook, which should make dinnertime low-stress without having to resort to a student diet of two minute noodles or toasties.

That leftover rice sitting in the fridge from last night’s Indian takeaway? Throw it in a pan with whatever chopped vegies you can scrounge from your crisper drawer and splash a bit of soy sauce all over it and voila! You have yourself some pretty decent fried rice. If you’re gourmet enough to have any meat or eggs in the fridge, chuck some of that in to make it super delicious.

If pizza is more your thing, then you can normally create one of these bad boys at home yourself with minimal kitchen fires and tears. Any sort of flatbread, wrap, pizza base type thingy, with any sort of tomato pasta or sauce like thingy, with any sorts of cold meats, cheeses, vegetable type thingys all piled on top of each other and cooked in the oven until melty will normally do the trick. Pizza – any way, any time!

Your grandparents are dropping in suddenly and you need something sweet to offer them with their tea? If you have eggs and Nutella you can bake brownies! Four eggs whipped into a frenzy, mixed with one cup of warm Nutella and then baked on a low heat until slightly firm, will be one of the easiest and most goddam heavenly things you have ever tasted.


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Those packets of Continental Alfredo pasta mix that retail for less than a fiver? While on their own they will fail to impress, if you can throw in a few extra bits and pieces you have yourself a pretty tasty pasta dish. Just add bacon and cheese for a creamy carbonara or maybe some cherry tomatoes, pesto and baby spinach for a vegetarian delicacy. Paired with a supermarket garlic bread and a cheap bottle of wine, date night is looking stress free!

Speaking of pasta, do you love a rich, well seasoned Bolognese but don’t have the talent or the patience to recreate it? Buy flavoured sausages from the butcher such as beef burgundy or pork and fennel and snip the ends off them. Then squeeze the meat out into a fry pan and cook like mince meat, add a bottle of pasta sauce and simmer and you have yourself a beautifully complex sauce for your pasta without having to add herbs or spices yourself.

There you have it. There is no excuse to live off baked beans and cask wine.. unless of course you want to!

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