Making a meal of salad

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Are you trying to eat healthy but cannot stand the thought of a bowl of greens being your main meal for the day?

You have been salading wrong my friends, because a salad can be a satisfying AND a nutritious meal, for even the hungriest of diners.

We have a few tricks and tips for making a salad that keeps the calories low, but satisfaction levels high.

Protein keeps you fullfried-egg-salad

It is no secret that a bowl full of lettuce will not keep you full for very long, so you need to add ingredients to your salad that will help keep your tummy happy. Tuna or chicken are favourites for those who are not vegetarian, or a base of lentils, egg or sweet potato are great alternatives for people trying to minimise their meat intake.

Whenever you include meat in salads, it is important to remember to weigh out an appropriate amount for your body size and keep em’ lean. So while deep fried chicken wings taste delicious, a skinless, grilled chicken breast is a far more appropriate addition.

Worship the good fats

Without getting too technical, there are good fats and bad fats. Bad fats are things like chips, all fried foods and everything on your local pub menu. Good fats however, when eaten in moderation can be a great way to stay full, and get some essential nutrients into your system. Found in foods like avocado, feta and nuts, they will add flavour to any salad.

Keep it colourful

We all know the saying – you eat with your eyes, but it honestly is true! If you open up your lunchbox to find a mass of wilted spinach, of course you aren’t going to enjoy it! Add tomato, capsicums, corn, mushrooms, beetroot, carrot – any vegetable with some colour to keep your lunch exciting and varied.beetroot-spinach-salad

Dress for less

Salad dressings can be thing to tip your salad from virtuous to naughty without you realising. Avoid any creamy dressings such as a potato salad or anything really oily like some pestos – just use your common sense. Where possible, create your own dressing using vinegars, fresh lemon, mustard seeds or fresh herbs. That way you are exactly sure what is going into your body.

Not all carbs are created equal

Okay, so one of the first things people tend to cut when they are trying to be healthy are carbs – but that doesn’t have to be the case! Yes, deep fried croutons are sadly a no-go, but some carbs are fantastic for keeping you full and satisfied. Wholegrains such as quinoa or brown rice are a great option for bulking up your salad.

Some like it hot

On a winter’s day, sometimes you want a hot meal to warm you up and that is fine. Make your salad a warm one! Freshly grilled chicken, sautéed onions, chargrilled capsicum ,mushrooms or any other hot ingredients can be added to your salad to make it seem like a hot meal – with a simple side of leaves!

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