Dreaming of chocolate

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With Easter coming up this weekend, we thought it would be appropriate to chat to Milton and Isilda Caldwell from Mornington Peninsula Chocolates.

While watching the movie Chocolat in 2000, the two chocolate lovers lamented the fact that there were very few high-end, European style chocolate shops around Melbourne.Flinders Chocloate1

The automated transmission specialist and his potter wife then decided to change their lives and follow their dreams of becoming chocolatiers.

After studying at the esteemed Condirama School in Switzerland as well as undertaking other chocolatier courses in France and Belgium, The Caldwell’s returned to the Mornington Peninsula to open their very own chocolate shop.

As expressed by the BBC UK in their news magazine the European preference is for richer, darker chocolate, with a significantly higher cocoa solid count. Many European chocolatiers make chocolate with upwards of 40% cocoa solids, a world away from Cadbury Dairy Milk which is closer to 20 per cent.

But the cocoa content isn’t the only thing that separates commercial chocolate from finer, high end products.

“The chocolate making process differs from the grinding of the first bean. Though confectioners keep their recipes a firm secret, it is believed that American chocolate typically uses South American beans, whilst British makers favour West African cocoa. There are also variations on the type of powdered milk used, which can impact the flavour. A typical Hershey bar also contains the additive PGPR, which can act in place of the more expensive cocoa butter.” 

Mr Caldwell says that working with chocolate is a very intricate art. Flinders Chocloate3

“You only have about two to three degrees Celsius to play with before it is ruined.

“We only source the highest quality ingredients and use natural products. We don’t use any artificial flavours and try to use local products when possible.

“We are always learning and playing with flavours. We have our set favourites but will occasionally make seasonal products at different times of the year.”

Milton’s top picks:
“Our lime and raspberry ganaches are delicious and our salted caramel and chilli have risen in popularity. 

45 Cook Street, Flinders VIC 3926
(03) 5989 0040

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