National Chocolate Eclair Day

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Happy National Chocolate Eclair Day! 

June 22nd is National Chocolate Eclair Day, so throw away the calorie trackers and get munching.

No one can deny the French know how to pastry, but the eclair is one of their crowning glories (alongside the croissant of course!)

A machine used to make eclairs.

A machine used to make eclairs.

A true eclair is a long sweet treat made of choux pastry, which is filled with custard or cream and coated in chocolate fondant icing.

The word “eclair” means“flash of lightning” and no one is quite sure what connection this has to the sugary treat…. well played France!

First created in the nineteenth century, the eclair was first called “pain à la duchesse” or “petite duchesse”. Most food historians credit chef Antonin Careme (1784-1833) with the first eclair but the 1884 Boston Cooking School Cook Book, by Mrs. D.A. Lincoln, had the first recorded English-language recipe.

So, now we have given you some great food trivia to whip out at the your next dinner party – go and find one of these delectable treats and enjoy!

Check out some of Melbourne’s finest cake shops “reimagined eclairs” here for some inspiration.

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