Paleo bread to rival them all

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Excuse me while I reminisce about the deliciously paleo friendly breakfast I shared with my gorgeous Mum at Patch in Richmond.

2Patch make their own Paleo toast which undoubtedly puts all other bread, gluten-free or not, to shame! Fluffy on the inside with a perfectly toasted crust, this was the perfect base for my egg and mushroom topping.

All woes about dense, dry gluten free bread will dissapate instantly when you try Patch’s bread, which is also available to purchase in loaves, takeaway for $14.

There’s nothing worse when you order poached eggs and you poke your fork through the delicate white shell and to your dismay, you’ve got solid yolk. Well Patch did not disappoint, instead delivering a pair of perfectly poached eggs that take the phrase ‘Yolk Porn’ to a whole new level.


Paleo bread with bacon, maple syrup, fresh banana and strawberries, topped with bee pollen.

Kangaroo seems to be one of those divisive meats. I’ve never met someone who’s indifferent to the meat, instead it’s always a love-hate relationship. I’m sad to say that after my first encounter with kangaroo at Patch, I’m leaning to the latter.

This has less to do with the kofta itself, which was incredibly tender, juicy and just the right size for a brunch add-on, but rather the actual taste of the kangaroo meat. I’ve never been an overly fond lover of steak, or any large portion of red meat, so unfortunately this was a gamble that didn’t quite pay off.

With her breakfast sweet tooth, my Mum ordered the French Toast.

Shiitake, woodear and oyster mushrooms with thyme, truffle oil and poached eggs on Paleo toast, with a side of kangaroo koftas.

Shiitake, woodear and oyster mushrooms with thyme, truffle oil and poached eggs on Paleo toast, with a side of kangaroo koftas.

Maple syrup as a condiment for desserts is a foreign concept to me – one that I’ve only really ever seen on American TV as it hasn’t quite swept the breakfast industry in Australia as successfully as it has overseas.

On its own, I find maple syrup to be sickly sweet so to then pair it with fresh fruit, was a bit much for me. That being said, it’s an interesting and not altogether unpleasant flavour combination, when paired with crispy bacon.

Judging from the way my Mum polished off every last morsel, I’d say Patch is onto a winner with this one though. 5

With the quality of the freshly baked Paleo bread being so flawless, I dare say it doesn’t matter what you serve it with, it’s going to taste amazing.

A good coffee to wash it all down and I’d say a visit to Patch in Richmond is a must-do for any breakfast enthusiast or paleo dieter.

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32 Bendigo Street, Richmond
P: 03 9029 0328

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