Pantry staples you should swear by

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No one likes to eat the same thing every day.

Diverse ingredients are useful to have in your pantry or fridge, as you can create a wide variety of meals from the same things.

Let us give you some examples of things to have on hand for when your cooking creativity is at an all time low, cause’ let’s face it – you still gotta eat!

Beef mince

If you have 500grams of beef mince in your freezer, you have the basis for a whole host of delicious meals.

Spaghetti eggs-springonion-pancakeBolognese, hamburgers, tacos, chilli con carne… the list goes on. So if you are going to buy some meat without a particular recipe in mind, mince is a safe (and cheap) bet!


Often only given credit as a breakfast food (and let’s not lie, they fly the diversity flag even in this one meal with sunnyside up, scrambled, omelettes, poached), eggs can be eaten in more ways than just on toast! Shashouka baked eggs are a tasty middle eastern meal, and can be filled with anything you like, from sweet potato to chorizo! Eggs are also a great protein for those trying to cut back on meat and can be used as the hero of a stir fry, or even a sandwich filling.


The humble potato is responsible for vodka and hot chips – need we say more? But aside from these two glorious feathers in the spud’s cap, it can also be baked in its jacket, mashed, boiled, made into potato salad or even into gnocchi! Cheap, tasty and easy to make delicious.


Wraps/ flatbread

Wraps filled with cold meat and salad are a favourite lunch pastime of many. But if you think outside the box, a wrap can be used as a pizza base, or can be torn up and baked in the oven for healthier tortilla chips. Hello nachos!

Greek or natural yoghurt

Yoghurt is an awesome breakfast with muesli, it is a staple condiment with curry and it is a great healthy alternative to cream in cooking. Really, if something can be diverse enough to be sweet and savoury, it has our vote as a staple in your fridge!

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