Phoenix Beer

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Phoenix Beer is the exotic drop you have been looking for to refresh your tastebuds this summer.

Hailing from Mauritius as the nation’s “official beer”, this golden lager is a nice change from some of the fruity, craft beers Australians have gotten used to drinking, without being challenging to the palate.

If you have ever been to Mauritius, you will know the food is a wonderful hybrid of the best of Indian, African, Chinese and even European cuisines, so it is not surprising that this is the sort of diverse beer that could really accompany whatever you have on your plate or BBQ this summer.

Some beer enthusiasts sampled Phoenix Beer in preparation for the silly season, and these were their thoughts:

Tom C – What a refreshing summer beer! It is thirst quenching and it would be very easy to knock back a few pints.

Rhea D – The hops flavour that can often be very overpowering with other beers is not too strong in this beer. It is really easy-drinking beer.

Rene I – Phoenix Beer is so easy to drink! I can imagine an entire Sunday sesh by the pool or beach, sipping on this all afternoon, because it is so light and crisp.

So this summer, grab yourself a slab of Phoenix Beer and impress your friends with your exotic beer tastes.

This author was given complimentary Phoenix Beer to taste.

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