Pokémon GO guide for Foodies

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Unless you’re a total Snorlax, you’d know Pokémon GO is taking over streets, towns and alleyways all over the world.

Melburnians are setting out on adventures, going on Poké dates and organising meet ups to build their Pokédex. The game requires a fair bit of walking adventures to different Poké stops to catch bigger and better Pokémon, join gyms and collect items to progress in the game.

So if you’re heading out to Catch ‘Em All on the weekend, why not try some of these locations to keep yourself sustained. Who knows, they might even sell some razzberries for your little pocket monster collection!

Breakfast: West Footscray

We’ve heard the West Footscray area is brimming with possible Pokémon catches. Reported sightings of a Spearow, Poliwag, Kangaskhan, Horsea, Goldeen and the Doduo’s – which are everywhere. Kick off your Pokémon adventure with breakfast at Common Galaxia in Seddon. Serving up a house blend of Seven Seeds coffee, and all-day breakfast and brunch options like Dr Marty’s Crumpets, baked eggs, or paleo granola for the health conscious – you’re bound to get all the sustenance you need for a day of filling up your Pokédex! We also hear there is an Ekan lurking nearby, so watch out for him too.

Pit Stop: Melbourne CBD

It would be hard to deny that the CBD is brimming with Pokémon and gyms to join! But our little birdie told us if you stick around the Flinders Street end of the city, you’d reap some bountiful Pokémon rewards. Head to Arbory Bar & Eatery for a pit stop and some share plates like their pumpkin arancini with goats curd and sage (YUM). While you’re there, look out for a roaming Diglett, Kingler, Magikarp, Spearow, there’s even a confused Psyduck lurking around the water’s edge of Southbank you might be lucky enough to catch! 

Lunch: Chapel Street, Windsor end

While we could spend hours on end shopping or eating our way up and down Chapel Street – today you are here for a much higher purpose – you’re here to catch ‘em all! Having said that, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to the Windsor end of Chapel Street. If you want to grab your lunch and continue on your quest to fill your Pokédex, head to Hanoi Hannah Express Lane for some tasty Bahn Mi and Rice Paper Rolls. If you’re feeling the need to catch your breath, take a break and get your Lurer on, then why not grab a cheap pizza from old favourite, Lucky Coq? We hear there is a Scyther waiting on their very doorstep! Also in the Windsor area you might find a Gengar, Staryu, even a Weedle!

Pit Stop: Swan Street, Richmond:

Richmond is buzzing at the best of times, but with a Pokémon Gym located right near Richmond train station, you’re bound to fill your Pokédex with some goodies. We’ve heard sightings of Starmies, and Tangela’s are pretty common around Swan Street. Why not stop for a drink at the Richmond institution; the Corner Hotel after your hunt? We’ve also heard there may be Exeggutors and Growlithes in the greater Richmond area, so who knows, maybe they’ll need a beer too?

Dinner & Drinks: Sydney Road, Brunswick:

While Sydney Road seems to be swarming with Doduos and Bulbasaurs, there are a lot of Pokéstops, which could work in your favour. We’ve been told to look out for a Vulpix wandering aimlessly on the corner of Sydney Road and Blyth Streets, as well as a Ponyta and an Exeggcute a little further up into Brunswick. It’s been a long day of searching and catching, so if you’ve formed quite the gang by this point in your Pokémon quest, we suggest you have a well-earned wind down, a few nightcaps, and enjoy a banquet dinner with your team at The Brunswick Mess Hall, where they serve up delicious hearty, spicy Asian inspired food.

We wish you the best of luck on your quest to catch them all!


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