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It’s all the craze, the commercials are everywhere and my morning route to work takes me past the restaurant every weekday so I had to see what all the fuss was about!

Channel 7’s Restaurant Revolution is underway and Team Victoria has opened up Scarfo, a modern Italian restaurant in St. Kilda.

I don’t usually go for pesto but that was delicious. It wasn’t too strong a pesto flavour and it actually paired really well with the seafood, which isn’t a common menu combination. What threw me, was the Morton Bay Bug. I was expected this to come tossed throughout the risotto, like the spanner crab was.

It was a very small portion of bug, gone in two bites. Given that this was my first taste of this particular seafood, it’s difficult to judge but as far as I could tell, it tasted like prawn/crayfish hybrid and wasn’t anything overly spectacular. Not unenjoyable but when there’s a menu item as coveted as the Moreton Bay Bug, there’s a certain expectation that goes with that.

The risotto itself was nice, creamy, a decent size portion and I loved that the sauce wasn’t too creamy or heavy.

Definitely a tasty meal that I’d be happy to have again! Great job Scarfo, you’ve got a happy customer here!

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