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Melbourne has upped its dessert game thanks to Scroll Ice Cream, which is putting regular ice cream (even the beloved waffle cone) to shame. Juliana Mare chats to co-owner Sam Kothari about the scrollin’ trend.

There’s just something so much more satisfying about eating a scroll of ice cream than a scoop. And when that scroll is perfectly creamy with the most luscious flavour, you know you’ve hit the jackpot.

Thai locals and tourists alike have long since admired the impressive art-form of ice cream scrolling from street vendors but it’s only recently that this concept has hit Australian shores.scrolls-of-ice-cream

This dessert trend, which let’s face it, is an Instagram addict’s dream, not only tastes amazing but also has a fascinating freezing process, transforming the liquid and solid ingredients into smooth ice-cream in mere minutes.

“Our ice cream is made without using any binding ingredients, emulsifiers or preservatives,” says Kothari , which is one of the reasons each scroll is so light and creamy.

Scroll sources their cream and milk from St David’s Dairy in Fitzroy, the last remaining micro-dairy in the area. With a three-day turnaround from cow to store, the ultra fresh dairy no doubt plays a part in the velvet consistency of the ice cream.

Another perk that helps with the consistency is the absence of egg or gelatine, meaning Scroll is 100% vegetarian friendly and even offers vegan and gluten free options.

“Egg and gelatine tend to make ice cream quite heavy on the stomach,” says Kothari.

So basically, you can effortlessly devour the entire tub in a very short period of time!

When it comes to flavours, Kothari says he and co-owner Justin Huang look to their families for inspiration, with several flavours concocted by Kothari’s sister.

If your taste buds are more decadently inclined, Nutter Butter is for you – chocolate Tim Tam base with Nutella and peanut butter, topped with chocolate brownies, crushed nuts, wafer sticks and more chocolate sauce.

Gloriously rich and not for the feint-hearted, the Nutter Butter is your childhood dream come true.

Keeping on the dessert trend is Kothari’s favourite flavour, Say Cheese. A slice of New York cheesecake serves as the base ingredient, following by a milk mixture and finished with a dusting of crushed biscuits and fresh strawberries.

Even though the initial slice of cheesecake looks on the small side, the flavour definitely punches through and is accompanied perfectly by the fresh berries.

With nine flavours currently available with either chocolate or fruit bases, there’s something to suit every palate and Sam says new flavours are going to be released weekly from now on.scroll-ice-cream-cup

“We’ve begun experimenting with some more exotic flavours like pistachio, rose water and dragonfruit.”

The ‘cooking’ or freezing process remains the same for every flavour. The base ingredient, whether it be fruit, chocolate or cake, is placed onto a specially crafted surface, which sits at -20C and is then mashed with teppanyaki utensils.

The milk and cream base mixture is then poured on top, mashed and folded together with the base and then spread out across the cold plate. After a minute, it’s ready to be scrolled, much to the fascination of customers who get to watch their orders made on the spot.

While the store in Windsor is only a temporary pop-up for summer, Kothari says he’s super excited to be opening a new and permanent store in the Melbourne CBD in March.

Ice cream is considered seasonal, typically attracting customers in the warmer months but the approach of winter isn’t an issue for Kothari.

Scroll is as much a visual delight as a tasteful one and Kothari says there could be some winter-specific flavours in the works (we wouldn’t say no to a toasted marshmallow flavour!)

Even though the temperature will drop, Scroll is the kind of ice cream you’d be happy to eat in rail, hail or shine.

You can check out more of Juliana’s thoughts on Scroll via Peaches & Push Ups!

190 High Street,
Windsor, VIC 3181

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