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Einstein’s 251 is a cute suburban café in Caulfield North, but their menu is anything but suburban.

The menu takes inspiration from all over the world, with a distinct nod to the Middle East and the presentation of food is distinctly inner city, without pretension.

With both the chef and barista at Einstein’s hailing from Israel, there is certainly a wealth of experience when it comes to playing with spices and big flavours.

Tammy Arousi is the café’s manager and says that ideally they strive to create food that you wouldn’t create at home.

“We aim to make all of our food fresh. We receive deliveries of fruit and vegetables every single day and don’t believe in pre-made food that sits in deli displays for days.Einsteins 251 (3)

“We believe in doing everything with love and using quality products that people appreciate.

“We use a specialty coffee and only serve ingredients that we have tried and tested and truly believe in.”

The coffee is sourced from Small Batch, most commonly found at Auction Rooms cafe in North Melbourne.

Owner of Auction Rooms, Andrew Kelly, is a coffee connoisseur who started out creating coffee during some backyard experiments using a heat gun and colander.

Since then, Auction Rooms has gone on to be named Melbourne’s best café twice by the Good Food Guide.

“We use them [Small Batch] because we wanted to use a specialty coffee that wasn’t being used in our area,” says Arousi.

“They have great control over the quality of the bean and that is very important to us.”

As well as being particular about the coffee beans they use, Arousi says they try to source all their ingredients from local producers. They get fresh deliveries of fruit and vegetables every day from Fruit Talk and source their bread from Phillipa’s and Alasya Bakery.

Arousi says that one of the main challenges that Einstein’s faced when they first opened was operating as a trendy city-style café out in the suburbs.

“There were barely any cafés that used specialty coffee, so people didn’t really have the knowledge of different types of coffee like single origin coffees and that sort of thing.

“However we have built a strong customer base that really appreciate the quality and it allows us to challenge the system and do different things now and our customers really embrace it.

Einsteins 251 peanut butter and nutella milkshake

The famous peanut butter and nutella milkshake!

“We change the menu every year to make sure our customers stay interested and don’t get bored of the same things every day. We also have specials that we change every week.

“To us we would never get angry if someone comes and sits at a table for three hours over one tea – in fact it is a compliment that they enjoy us and feel comfortable!”


Tammy’s must try dish/es:

The Egyptian Brekky – this dish is based on the idea of baked eggs, however it is not a tomato base. It is served with eggplant, spinach, feta and dukkah and is a much loved breakfast staple.

The Nobel Prize Winner: A haloumi salad that you probably will never have tried before. It is warm haloumi and mushroom salad in a teriyaki sauce.

Tammy’s must try drinks:

Cold Drip Coffee.

Einstein’s Shake (pineapple, lemon and mint) or;

The Nutella and Peanut Butter Milkshake!

251 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield North VIC 3161
(03) 9939 5135

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