Smashed avo beats a house deposit anyway

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Who needs their own four walls and a roof when you can have a mini mountain of smashed avocado from Tall Timber?

My second visit Prahran’s brunch haven proved yet again that the weekend queue is well worth the wait.

Tall Timber’s menu is by far one of the most appealing of any brunch spot in Melbourne. Everything sounds so delicious that in the end, even after you’ve deliberated for an absurd amount of time, you end up closing your eyes and just pointing to a random spot on the menu.

It’s either that or a game of eenie-meenie-miny-moe. Even if you resort to these childish games, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ll love whichever dish appears in front of you.smashedavo-beetroothummus-poachedegg

While I tossed up between the Smashed Avo or the new kid on the block – Smashed Peas – in the end I couldn’t pass up the classic. Needless to say, it was a good call even though it might have cost me a house deposit.

The avocado was creamy but not to the point of being pureed, with good size chunks of avocado mixed throughout. And with the avo texture on point, the 5-seed bread seemed extra crispy.

I don’t know which 5 seeds were in the bread or what kind of magical toaster they’re using at Tall Timber but both slices had ultra crusty edges with a softer but still toasted centre.

It’s difficult for bread to stand out when it’s covered in something as glorious as avocado but I could’ve ordered just this toast with some peanut butter and been an equally happy customer.

Aside from being the most stunning shade to every grace a breakfast plate, the beetroot hummus tasted wonderful too. A little on the sweet side but the lime helped to cut through so it made the perfect spread to go with the avocado.

While I expected it to be a thicker consistency – more like traditional hummus – it was very creamy so the sprinkle of pine nuts, pepita seeds and other grains on top gave a nice crunch.

The poached egg didn’t bring much to the dish and mine was undercooked – a little too gooey for my liking on the inside – so I could have done without this $2 extra.

I was accompanied for brunch my three international friends travelling through Melbourne and just as I expected, Tall Timber gave them a taste of the buzzing brunch scene that our city is renowned for.

A queue to get a table, too many tempting menu choices, food that tastes incredible and presentation worthy of a photo – this brunch ticked all the boxes of what a great Melbourne brunch should be.

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