Spring has sprung

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As the old cliché goes, spring has sprung and with it, a whole lot of beautiful produce.

In Australia we are so lucky to have access to such a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, so we decided to pick just a few that are prime to eat in spring.


Avocados are the perfect creamy addition to any meal of the day and full of the “good” fats you so often hear about. Smash it on toast with feta and cherry tomatoes for breakfast, create a colourful chicken and avocado salad wrap for lunch or get Mexican for dinner with a feast of tacos, burritos and nachos – with PLENTY of guacamole.


Cauliflower is all the rage at the moment, being touted as one of those infamous superfoods. People are making everything from cauliflower curries, to cauliflower rice and pizza bases. So instead of just steaming a lump of it next time you do a roast for dinner, get creative and make cauliflower the hero of your meal.

Lemons and limes

The humble citrus fruits are great sliced up in water or squeezed all over a fillet of fish. But if you really want to be indulgent, a lemon meringue or key lime pie is certainly the way to go. The zesty tang of a lemon or lime, paired with the richness and sweetness of a dessert means you get a perfectly balanced mouthful and are not overwhelmed with sugar.


Fresh asparagus is hard to beat and couldn’t be more different than the tinned variety. Blanched and served as a side dish or sautéed through a stir fry, there are so many ways to enjoy asparagus. You can even try wrapping the spears in prosciutto and serving it as a nibble to party guests.


When the weather starts to warm up there is hardly anything more exciting than being able to enjoy all the summer fruits that start to ripen. Berries are an incredible addition to morning yoghurt and muesli, a great snack on the go or can even be the basis of a sauce for richer meats like duck. But obviously berries are also an amazing starting point for desserts and go perfectly with chocolate (which is a huge bonus!).

Snow peas

A hero of a good stir fry or salad, the fresh crunch of snowpeas is a bit of an unsung hero in the vege world. Something that once may have been left in a wilted salad your Grandma threw together, when used in Asian cuisine they can be a great splash of green in your meal.


If you like it hot, hot, hot then spring is the time to warm up your food alongside the weather. A tasty curry, spicy Mexican, or even the addition of jalopenos to a burger – there are so many different ways to use the vast variety of chillis available in Australia. Use as little as you want for a milder flavour or for the brave hearted, load up your plate and clear out your sinuses.

Apples and Rhubarb

Apples and rhubarb are BOTH in season in spring which can only mean one thing! Apple and rhubarb crumble. This humble dessert can actually be quite nutritious if the crumble is made predominantly with oats rather than flour…. Unless you dollop a lot of ice cream or cream on top, which is pretty hard to resist!

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