Starward’s 10 Year Celebrations

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Starward has been disrupting the whisky world for the past 10 years, and it’s time to celebrate.

From the early days of sampling barrels, distilling tests and finding the right ABV, Starward soon crafted their much loved Solera Whisky, their Wine Cask editions and also a series of one-off projects.

For a young drink in such a traditional setting, Starward Whisky has seen great success; first making its way onto liquor shelves all over Melbourne, and now can be found not just Australia wide, but also internationally.

To celebrate ten years of causing a stir, Starward have released a ten year anniversary bottling twin pack; one to drink and one to keep – which we think offers the perfect sentiment of enjoying something special, but still being able to keep it on display like your Mum’s fine dining set.

The ten year expression promises to encapsulate the past ten years of Starward’s journey to “reach for the stars.” A combination of different barrels hand-selected from their first decade, the special edition drink is a big, sweet whisky with a complex dried fruit component.

Starward founder, David Vitale is ever passionate about his product and what Starward has done and continues to do for the Australian whisky industry.

“In June 2007, I took that first bold step towards a vision where we could all share an approachable, affordable and distinctly Australian whisky. While we still have a long way to go, this bottle is proof that confidence and belief in a vision worth pursuing is the most important part of any shared journey,” says Vitale on the Starward website.

Starward are also opening the doors for whisky lovers to come and try their ten year expression on Friday, June 16 from 1-9pm at the Port Melbourne Distillery. There will also be music and a curated cocktail list, bookings are encouraged.

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