Sweet chilli Christmas tree

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I wanted to put together something special for my 1000th post and what better way to do it than with my very first recipe video!

You know the ones – Buzzfeed Food and Tasty are constantly wowing us on social media with snappy little videos of all sorts of remarkable dishes and I wanted to jump on this bandwagon with something festive in the lead up to Christmas Day!

And so we have my Sweet Chilli Tear ‘N Share Christmas Tree!

Inspired by the Nutella Tree posted by Netmums, I wanted to make a savoury version that would stand out as an appetiser.

I do love a good dessert but it’s the appetisers always seem to get forgotten at Christmastime so this merry looking, savoury treat is something easy to prepare, which will certainly liven up the table before main course arrives.

Sweet chilli sauce is one of my favourite condiments and it’s a no brainer to pair it with cream cheese. You get the sweetness from the cream cheese but with a stellar chilli hit all wrapped up in beautifully flaky puff pastry!

Sound good? We thought so too – so much so that half the tree was devoured before it even left the baking tray!

So Merry Christmas everyone! I hope your Christmas Day (and indeed all the remaining days leading up to the big one) are filled with epic amounts of food, consequential food comas, laughter, merry times and happy memories!

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