The benefits of honey

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Pure Peninsula Honeys’ John Winkels began his honey farm as a hobby, before turning it into a full time business.

His journey started when he found two feral beehives, which he began to cultivate before moving the hives into boxes.

Today, Pure Peninsula Honey transports bees to pollinate fruit, vegetable and seed crops all over Victoria, as well as producing hjarrah-honeyoney that is not only delicious but some of which also works as a natural medicine.

Pure Peninsula Honey also produces beeswax, which can be used in a variety of medicinal, cosmetic and recreational ways. Products such as lip balms, candles, moisturiser and soap adorn the shelves of the farm shop, as well a large range of honey, ice cream, cider and more.

The range of honey varieties produced by Winkel and his team is remarkable. Everything from light, sweet offerings like the Orange Blossom honey, through to the more potent, darker honeys like a medicinal Jarrah or Manuka, means everyone’s taste and needs are catered for.

Manuka is the aboriginal name for Tea-Tree, which is said to contain many anti-bacterial properties. Jarrah Honey is sourced from a Eucalypt tree commonly grown in Western Australia. The antimicrobial quality is known by the term ‘Total Activity’ due to it’s healing properties.

Aside from delicious honey products, education is a huge factor for Winkels and his whoneycomb-beehiveife, Felicity.

Every school holidays, the team at Pure Peninsula Honey run workshops about what it takes bees to produce a single jar of honey and the importance of pollination. If you visit the farm shop, not only are you able to buy a whole range of lovely products, but there is a wealth of information to peruse and even a working bee hive to examine!

For some delicious sweet and savoury honey recipes, visit the Pure Peninsula Honey website.

Some fast honey facts from Pure Peninsula Honey:

  • If your honey crystallises, just warm it up to return it to its yummy runny honey state
  • Honey contains many vital antioxidants and vitamins, but is fat and cholesterol free
  • It is the only food to contain everything necessary to sustain life- including waterPure-Peninsula-Honey-Farm-Shop
  • Honey does not have a used by date
  • You do not need to store honey in the fridge
  • Honey attracts and absorbs moisture, which is why it isn’t just good to drizzle over your morning porridge, but is useful to heal burns, prevent infection and prevent scarring
  • Honey and beeswax are used in many commonly sold lip balms and moisturisers. 

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