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There are few greater pleasures in life than a simple (or not so simple!) toasted sandwich.

The humble toastie is the perfect breakkie on the run, tasty lunch or drinking accompaniment (whether that be with a tipple at a bar or at 3am on the way home). Even if you don’t fancy yourself as much in the kitchen, guaranteed you can whip up something that is delicious and satisfying.chicken-avocado-toastie

Trading Plates put the word out to our readers to find out what some of the fan favourites were when it comes to a toastie. Some people like to DIY at home and others prefer a chic brunch restaurant or late-night dude food stop. Either way, we have you covered!

Pulled pork (and anything)
So, it is no secret to anyone who has been to any manner of café, restaurant or bar in Melbourne in the last few years that pulled pork is in – in a big way! Tacos, burgers, salads and any other format you can think of, pulled pork is here to stay. So why not throw it between two bits of bread, throw in some jack cheese, jalapeños, pickles, Dijon mustard or whatever the hell tickles your fancy and get chewing!

Chicken and Avocado
Eggs and bacon, lemon and sugar, apple and cinnamon… there are some classic combos that just work. And chicken and avocado is one of those matches made in heaven. Whether you are a fan of adding cheese (a bitey cheddar is a winner), or maybe some baby spinach and mayo, the chicken and avocado combination is the perfect building block for a great toastie. A seven seed rye bread or something of the sort can also make this quite a nutritious treat!

Spaghetti Bolognese
Spag bol has to be one of the great meals of all time. We challenge anyone not to enjoy this authentic Italian delicacy with a good glass of red! And when you have leftovers from the night before, there is no better way to enjoy brunch than whacking some of this carby goodness in between some ciabatta with a generous grating of Parmesan and toasting that bad boy up. Fresh basil leaves optional for the gourmets among us. Try it; we dare you not to love it!

Baked Beansbaked-beans-toastie
While baked beans are sometimes unfairly seen as a poor mans food, nestled tenderly between two slices of ordinary white bread with thick slabs of stringy, tasty cheese, three very beige ingredients can turn into quite the taste sensation. So if you have dismissed the humble bean before, give them another try in this format – it is the food of lords on the budget of peasants.

Ham or Salami
Leftover cold meats are a natural sandwich filler. So why not spice up your usual ham and cheese with some veges like mushrooms or pickes or a punch of heat with some chilli or paprika? It is surprising how far a whack of mustard can go in making something a little bit fancy too. Most importantly, if you are going to go a simple cold cut and cheese option, you cannot underestimate the importance of picking good cheese. A gruyere is always a good starting point…..

So Trading Platers, what did we miss? What is your classic toastie combo?

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