The Hyde Out

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The Hyde Out in Yeronga, Brisbane is a cute little suburban cafe that locals and anyone who is passing through the area would be sad to miss.

Head chef Tyson Christie, cooks with a French influence and according to general manager, Meagan Goodfellow, he “lives and breathes to learn more about food”.

Christie has worked all over Australia and briefly in France, and is more prominently know for all of his work in establishing the Buzz Cafe sites in Brisbane. Goodfellow says he has a passion for using fresh produce and producing plates that entice the eyes as much as the tastebuds.hyde-out-strawberry-shake

The Hyde Out’s latest menu features lots of root vegetables like potato, sweet potato, parsnip and beetroots because they are in season and Goodfellow says they like to promote a warm and home cooked feel in diners bellies.

“They are perfect in winter time as they are rich and earthy flavours, matching with slow cooked meats, coal grilled steaks and a juicy chicken kiev,” explains Goodfellow.

“Tyson mostly uses produce he can source from Australia, the closer the better, and has his meat and fish delivered daily for maximum freshness.

“The simple flavours of our winter menu help to showcase the freshness and vibrancy achieved when operating the way we do. The menu always begins with small ideas, jotted out, sometimes to get a feel for the dish and the customer’s reactions, and then Tyson types up a new menu of all these ideas and trial runs the recipes to match.

“We have a ‘family style dinner’ with all of the staff and discuss the flavours, wine pairing, and processes of preparations and then we publish the menu for our customers.”

The Hyde Out use a wide range of suppliers, which they have hand picked to meet their criteria of quality and service.hyde-out-breakfast

Goodfellow says leaning towards smaller, but more passionate suppliers, means they can achieve a repertoire with their vendors and understand their produce better. Foremost, ingredients need to be fresh and ethical.

The menu at The Hyde Out changes quite frequently. Christie likes to ensure regular customers don’t get bored and he gets excited about the next wave of seasonal produce coming through, so that is the best reason to change a menu – to spotlight a new ingredient.

The Hyde Out uses Belaroma Coffee, which Goodfellow says they find to be absolutely delicious.

“It is not too offensive in strength but holds a gorgeous flavour, not too weak, even when mixed with milk.

“Our lead barista recently scored 99% out of 100% when tested on her proficiency with the brand. It is the highest score awarded in Australia from Belaroma and her training for the staff is built on her methods.

“When making a coffee it is important to listen to the customers. Each person knows what they want. We ask more, listen more and try our very best to produce something that isn’t a standard, it’s a unique and tailored drink for each individual in the café.”

The most popular things on The Hyde Out menu include:

For breakfast– Benedict with Smoked Bacon

For lunch – Pulled Pork Roll & Chips

For dinner – The Slow Braised Lamb Shank or the Onglet Steak

For dessert – Sticky Date Pudding

For drinks

  • (Non – Alcohol) Organic Ginger Beer
  • (Alcoholic) Cocktail – American Pie 
  • Beer Stone & Wood
  • Wine Altamonte Pinot Noir & Wither Hills Sauvignon Blanc

Shop 1, 92 Hyde Road,

Yeronga QLD 4104
(07) 3161 4332

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