The Luxe Factor from Gladys Mack

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Gift box of granola and other treats

When you think of gift giving, images of bright ribbons and colourful wrapping paper come to mind. Juliana Mare shares a new service that is re-defining gift giving.

I recently received a gift box from Gladys Mack and have a newfound sense of appreciation for simplicity and minimalism, when it comes to giving and receiving gifts.

The Blissful Morning Gift Box is described for those who “like sleep in’s and morning gatherings,” which suits me down to a tee.

Inspired by the easy and effortless nature of a lazy Saturday morning, the box was full of morning edibles and kitchenware;

  • Noble Tonic 02: Tahitian vanilla bean & Egyptian chamomile blossom matured maple syrup.
  • Hashtag Mac & Fig Granola
  • McCrea’s Caramels: Black Lava Sea Salt / Classic Vanilla
  • Bahen & Co. Bean to Bar chocolate
  • Navy 100% linen kitchen towl
  • Acacia wood serving tray

It comes packed in a signature timber box; the first indication of the refined and elegant presentation to come.

Even though it’s simple, the care and attention to detail is more than evident. After sliding the lid off, I find every product carefully arranged, a small, hand-written note, a beautiful quote card and two orange chrysanthemum flowers.

The products are all top quality, that much is clear just from the packaging. The maple syrup has its own wax seal and there are chamomile buds and a whole vanilla bean inside the jar.

Wax seals and luxury ingredients from Tahiti and Egypt – deluxe is an understatement!

The McCrea’s caramels are individually wrapped inside beautiful tube-style packaging. Chewy and sweet, the Black Lava Sea Salt flavour delivers a luxurious step up from any regular caramel from the supermarket.

Again, unlike the standard cereals and granola from supermarket brands, the Hashtag Mac & Fig granola is of a higher standard. You can see the generous quantity of almonds and macadamias in the packaging so every bite delivers a fantastic combination of the main flavours.

Every element in the box has a luxurious look and feel. Without even tasting or using them, the quality is obvious and the presentation alone is enough to impress.

Eating a bowl of tasty granola, followed by a caramel for dessert is really just a bonus!

Gladys Mack isn’t just limited to morning time goodies; the signature timber boxes are customisable so you can build a unique box of luxury goods for any loved one.

Even though there’s a lot of fun to be had in gadgets, novelty presents and oversized bows, sometimes simplicity is the key and Gladys Mack have that factor down pat.

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