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The website bringing you burgers on a budget.

If you haven’t heard of CHUG yet, it won’t be long before it’s bookmarked in your browser for instant access.

It all started back in 2012, when founder and fried chicken lover Taylor Beaumont-Whiteley moved to Melbourne to study.

As a new student among the smorgasbord of Melbourne’s food and bar options, Beaumont-Whiteley wanted to know where to enjoy a night out, while still being able to afford his tram ride home.

“I was going to places where it cost $10-15 for basic spirits, and I’d just returned from Europe where you can go to a bar and pay two euros for a beer.

“So I started looking for a directory that I could go to, to find some awesome places that are reasonably priced in the city.”

After no luck searching for this elusive list of cheap eats, he took matters into his own hands, and in November 2015 The Melbourne Cheapskate, now CHUG was born. A fully functional online directory filled with the best value deals on food, booze and adventures in and around Melbourne.

Featuring inner city student favourites like Asian Beer Café and Don Dons, or outer CBD haunts like Collingwood’s Mr Scruffs, the qualifying criteria for The Melbourne Cheapskate is simple: Good food, good value, good vibes – oh, and no pokie machines.

“It all comes down to what you’re getting. You could be paying $50 for something that’s the equivalent of The Fat Duck, but if you’re paying $50 for one burger, it’s not going to make the cut,” says Beaumont-Whiteley.

CHUG re-branded in April 2017. They have a solid index that seems to grow each time you visit the site. There are even a few listicles to get your juices flowing and tummy rumbling, with our personal favourite; Melbourne’s Best Birthday Freebies – a comprehensive list of all the free food and drink you can find on your special day.

The site is simple and easy to use, with filter options like First Date, Nearby Trains, and Free Wi-Fi making the selection process easier – so if you have a tendency to be both indecisive and hangry, CHUG will be endlessly helpful.

It’s also a great tool for restaurants and bars around town to utilise; as it’s free to list your venue, so a win-win all round really.

There are an abundance of burgers, tacos and fried chicken deals on the site – all the components of a healthy and sustainable adult diet. There are even plenty of Happy Hour locations around Melbourne to choose from – some of which last a little longer than the suggested 60 minutes…but we’re not complaining.

The ‘Adventure’ section of the site is also super handy if you’re looking for something fun to do without your wallet being bitter about it. Choose from cheap bowling, free trivia nights, even a free skate sesh at Fitzroy favourite Beach Burrito, so you can Olé and Ollie simultaneously. Genius.

For the struggling student, white-collar workers on lunch or just a city slicker who likes a good deal, CHUG is definitely worth checking out when you’re not sure where to head next.

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