The web’s most viral desserts

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Thanks to Heston Blumenthal’s Verjus in Egg that was seen on the Masterchef finale this week, everyone has gone dessert mad!

In honour of Heston’s crazy creation, we take a look at some of the most recent dessert trends we have seen online.

Who could have missed the craze that was the water cake (pictured above) or Mizu Shingen Mochi? Touted as “the future of cake” this Japanese creation looks like a clear ball of jelly and is served with a sugar syrup and kinako, which is a roasted soybean flour. Throngs of hungry foodies line up in the hundreds to taste this cake, but don’t wait too long – as after 30 minutes it evaporates into thin air!

It all started with the cronut, but hybrid desserts have really taken off! Among these are the duffin (donut – muffin), the cruffin (crossiant – muffin), brookster (brownie – cookie) and wonut (waffle – donut). Pick your favourite – these concoctions are not going anywhere!


The rainbow layer cake comes in all sorts of patterns and heights, but is always very pretty. An Instagram sensation, this cake is deceptively easy to make! Betty Crocker even brought out a packet mix recipe for those who cannot be bothered to make the batter from scratch. So impress everyone at the next family birthday and try your hand at baking this beauty.


The Raspberry Village at Melbourne’s On Nom Dessert Bar is one of the prettiest desserts in the country. Constructed out of sorbet, panacotta, meringue and chocolate, this collection of toadstools is sweet, sour, cold, crunchy and everything in between! Not to be missed.raspberry-field-dessert-om-nom

Another walk down Masterchef memory lane off eggs takes us to Quay’s Snow Egg (seriously what is it with these guys and ridiculously complicated dessert eggs?). Made up of sweet, fruity flavours and all sorts of chilled elements, this was certainly a difficult egg to crack for contestants, but less taxing for diners to consume in Sydney! The egg varies in flavour depending on seasonality, but the original was made with guava.


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