Tips for eating well on a budget

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Was eating a healthier and more balanced diet one of your New Year’s resolutions?

On January 1 when you have a pounding headache and feel like death, it is easy to make promises to yourself about shedding kilos by trying the latest superfoods and cooking fresh meals chock full of quality fresh produce.

But when you head down to the local grocery store with your shopping list full of kale, quinoa and goji berries, it can be quite a shock when you see the price tags!

Here at Trading Plates, we totally sympathise. So, we have put together our top five tips for eating well, without breaking the bank!

Tip #1: Bag a bargain

Most mainstream supermarkets have really good weekly specials on a range of staples. When looking to re-stock your pantry, wait and buy things when the supermarket puts the prices down, down!

Tip #2: Plan your plate

It is really easy to wander aimlessly around the supermarket throwing things in your trolley and before you know it, you have racked up over a hundred dollars. If you pre-plan the healthy meals you want to cook, you can limit your purchases to the things you really need and eliminate wasted food and money.

Tip #3: Eat before you shop

It is proven (by us) that if you go food shopping when you’re starving, you are more likely to snack on rubbish while you shop AND buy extra food that you don’t need for the rest of the week. Extra calories and extra coin…. No thanks!

Tip #4: Bake in bulk

Sometimes recipes call for ingredients that you only need 100 grams of… and then the rest sits in your pantry for eternity. So why not double, triple or quadruple your recipes and freeze portions? Not only does that mean you have healthy lunches handy for weeks, but you aren’t throwing anything out either.

Tip #5: Stay simple, not super

No disrespect to ‘superfoods’, but sometimes you can pay big bucks for something you can’t pronounce, simply because it is the flavour of the month. Plus, it may not be that much better for you than the garden-variety vegetables your Mum cooked for you as a kid. So, stick to simple, whole foods. A balanced diet of fresh vegetables, fruit, wholegrains, lean meats and dairy, with minimal processed foods, will help you feel good and stay healthy.

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