Toastface Grillah

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As owner of Toastface Grillah, Alister Miles says “Grilled cheese and bangin’ coffee. What more could you want?”

Here at Trading Plates, we are inclined to agree! We spoke to Miles about the simple sandwich shop that feeds Perth corporates and hipsters alike about all things cheesy and delicious.

The idea for Toastface Grillah came about one evening when Miles was listening to Ghostface Killah, an American rapper.

“We had one of those ding moments where we thought why don’t we open up a joint called Toastface Grillah?” says Miles.

“We had a laugh but then realised we had stumbled on something pretty unique and cool. Everything kinda fell into place from there. We just kept the idea simple and didn’t want to overcomplicate it.”

Miles and the other owners are in charge of cooking the food. While they have no formal qualifications in cooking, they are brought together by their love of a food.

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When coming up with an idea for a new sandwich, Miles says they all sit down and decide on a core ingredient that they want to showcase and look at what will work well with it.
“We generally spend a few weeks just brainstorming until we feel confident. Then we’ll start constructing a sandwich.

“More often than not because we’ve spent so much time thinking about it, our first try is pretty bang on and normally from there we only have to slightly tinker with it to balance all the flavours,” explains Miles..

While it might be quite an involved process to get a new sandwich on the menu, the hard work is all worth it as you will not find the menu changing too often.

“We spend a fair amount of time coming up with combos that are packed full of flavour and are unique,” says Miles.

“We don’t like to tamper too much with the classics. But some sangas rotate on and off the menu, dependent on seasons and fresh produce available.”

Miles and the team are passionate about using high quality local produce. He says they spend a lot of time sourcing the best cheeses and breads available.

“We work closely with our suppliers including European Foods in Northbridge for cheeses and condiments, Northbridge Coffee Roasters for our coffee, Vastese Bakery in North Perth for our bread

Bannister Downs Milk in Northcliffe WA, to maintain quality control.”

In terms of the classic favourites of customers, the Steaks Is High (slow cooked beef, marinated peppers and onions, provolone, cheddar and a smoky BBQ sauce) practically walk out the door on their own. The coffee and cold pressed juices are also highly popular and in his own words, Miles says the trick to making the perfect coffee is to make every one like your life depends on it!

And as to Toastface Grillah’s point of difference? “We’re somewhere between a cafe, a takeaway joint and gimmick!” Miles says.

Wellington St & Barrack street,
Perth WA 6000
0409 115 909

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