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Expertly ground beans, perfectly balanced meals and gorgeous baked goods is all anyone can really ask for from a café experience.

Shannon Roche is the manager at Coffee Traders in Mornington. It is truly a rare little gem of a café with delicious sweet treats, refined brunches and of course, absolutely brilliant coffee!

Trading Plates caught up with Roche to chat all things coffee beans and grinding machines, as well as how they make their coffee taste so damn good!

TP: How did Coffee Traders first begin?

SR: Coffee Traders began in 1995 as a place for people to purchase coffee beans with an opportunity to sample certain blends before they bought them. Several people have owned the cafe since this time, but it is now owned by Ken and Penny Ewen.

TP: How do you choose the produce and brands of coffee/ tea that you use? I noticed you have 5Senses coffee?

SR: There are many factors that go into choosing suppliers. Customer service is highly valued by Coffee Traders, both in how we can give it to our customers, as well as what our suppliers provide to us.

Our milkman delivers seven days a week over the summer period and the milk is exceptional quality from Gippsland and our butcher smokes his own ham and delivers it to us.

Coffee Traders Mornington blueberry toasted muesli4

5Senses coffee provide comprehensive training to each of our baristas over a five day period.  As well as the most consistent roasting in Melbourne, they have access to some of the finest green beans in the world. 

TP: What, in your opinion, makes a good coffee?

SR: I could go on for days but the short answer is attention to detail.

TP: Where are all your baked goods/ muesli etc made? And where are the ingredients sourced from?

SR: The best of our sweet treats come from a cafe I used to work at in Northcote named Red Door Corner Store.  We don’t have a kitchen on site so we buy products in, already made with love and care.

TP: What is your must try drink and or dish on your menu?

SR: We absolutely love our affogato, served with two scoops of vanilla ice cream and a double shot of espresso on top.  The perfect combination of sweet with a coffee hit!

Our banana bread topped with mascarpone, fresh strawberries, crumbled pistachios and drizzled with maple syrup is a must try from the food menu!

TP: What are your tips for coffee lovers when looking to make good coffee at home?

SR: Grind your coffee at home, a grinder is as important as whatever you make you coffee in. Freshly ground coffee makes an enormous difference, you should use your coffee within three weeks of it being roasted.Coffee Traders Mornington long mac

If your coffee doesn’t have a roast date on it, find another roaster! Try different coffees, single origins, blends, there is so much to try and home is the best/easiest place to try more!


Trading Plates’ also have our top picks for food and drinks:

The blueberry yoghurt and toasted muesli is absolutely to die for! Whole macadamia nuts, all sorts of bran and dried Barossa fruits topped with thick, creamy sweet yoghurt and the freshest blueberries you can imagine. A serious must try!

We also tried to smashed avocado off the specials board. A crusty, multigrain sourdough topped with lashings of smashed avocado and fresh rocket, served with a lemon wedge. Fresh and light and a perfect start to the day.

And to drink? There are so many amazing options but if you’re at Coffee Traders you have to get a coffee! And you really can’t go past a skinny long macchiato or latte, made with the Dark Horse blend from 5Senses Coffee.

3 Blake St, Mornington VIC 3931
(03) 5977 1177

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