Trump ruins everything – even good food

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Trumps’ recent US travel ban for citizens of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen has turned the world on its head.

Living in Melbourne, most people are well accustomed to living, working and socialising with people from a wide range of cultures- and a lot of us wouldn’t have it any other way.

While Australians faces many of their own political challenges and there are many people concerned about our close alliance with the USA, it is truly hard to imagine a Melbourne devoid of cultural diversity.

So, in honour of those nations who have been made to feel unwelcome abroad, we want to recognise some of Melbourne’s best Middle Eastern and African cuisines.

In no particular order…


Maha describes its menu as an “unrestricted Middle Eastern journey”. With options for sharefood, lunch specials, dinners and vegan or vegetarian meals, there is truly something for everyone and every occasion. And it is right in the heart of the CBD, so you can easily enjoy a few drinks and get the train or tram home safely.

21 Bond St,
Melbourne VIC 3000


Everyone remembers the scene in Friends where Chandler announces with dismay that he is “moving to Yemen” to avoid his pesky ex-girlfriend Janice. But what if you could try their tasty food without such a drastic life change? Well Melbournians – you can! Yemeni in Ascot Vale is serving up traditional delights such as a slow-cooked spiced lamb, so there is no reason not to jump on a train (not plane!) and try it.

124 Union Rd
Ascot Vale VIC 3032


Located in the World Trade centre in the CBD, Byblos celebrates modern Lebanese food and Mediterranean flavours at its finest. According to Byblos’ menu the ancient people of Byblos were

“famed for their lavish hospitality and warmth (and the central role of food in their culture), the modern Lebanese have fused eastern flavours, ingredients and spirit, with western technique, method and refinement. This fusion of flavours, ideas and inspiration is embodied in the Mediterranean approach to cuisine.”

Count us in!

18-32 Siddeley St,
Melbourne VIC 3005


Rumi is another Lebanese favourite in Melbourne, serving up delicious morsels such as Sigara boregi, which is cigar shaped pastry filled with haloumi, feta and kasseri cheese or slow roasted lamb shoulder and rice pilaf with pistachios. Oh. My. Goodness. Yum.

116 Lygon St,
Brunswick East VIC 3057


If you love meat and you love flavour, then you will love Sezar! Think of glazed molasses pork, slow cooked beef cheeks, spiced roast chickens and crispy whole barramundi. There is a brilliant two course lunch special too – you can grab a choice of small plates, a chef’s special main and a glass of plonk, beer or soft drink for $40. For one of Melbourne’s best, that is an absolute bargain!

6 Melbourne Pl,
Melbourne VIC 3000


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