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The rise in popularity of cooking shows like Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules (MKR) means that many gourmet foods and niche eateries are in high demand.

This is certainly the case for Gelato Messina, a cult gelato bar from Sydney that also opened a Melbourne store in Fitzroy. Any night of the year, whether it be the dead of winter or sweltering summer, you will find swarms of hipsters and ice cream enthusiasts crowding the small café.

Gelato Messina gained attention on last year’s series of Masterchef for its devilishly tricky choc top, in which contestants were given two and a half hours to make the sweet treat.

Made up of a salted caramel gelato soft serve, Italian meringue, gianduja ganache, amoretti biscuits and a sugar cone, this deceptive looking dessert is the opposite of the childhood choc top you enjoyed at the movies.

But the question is, would a salted caramel gelato soft serve, Italian meringue, gianduja ganache, amoretti biscuits and a sugar cone have had the general public queuing for kilometres a few years ago, or has the world of reality television changed the way we eat?

Trading Plates asked our readers whether reality cooking television has affected their eating and this is what they said….

YES! I try the recipes at home, and also try some of the restaurants they mention on the show. Also it’s changed the way I eat dinner, as I now have to wait to be ‘judged’ by the kids before each meal.

Katie, 32, Sydney.

Nope I prefer street food!

Emily Lanciana, 23, South Yarra.

I believe that these television shows have enhanced my abilities to enjoy quality food, and appreciate the food industry as a whole.

Ben, 16, Mt Eliza.

Absolutely yes. I’m more adventurous now.

Leanne, 47, Langwarrin.

It definitely makes me more experimental in the kitchen because I recognise different ingredients in the supermarket and (attempt to) cook different things.

Amy, 23, Sandhurst.

I don’t think anyone really watches Masterchef or MKR for the food, but rather the drama, bitching and meltdowns. Otherwise Masterchef professionals would have taken off! They were all about food innovation!

Morgan, 24 Carlton.

I think shows like MKR have introduced a more exotic range of ingredients to the palettes of average foodies. Ten years ago, things like truffle oil, quail eggs or confit were unheard of in the common household whereas now, so many more people are familiar with specialty ingredients and different methods of cooking.

Juliana, 23, Fitzroy.

Having been to Gelato Messina a couple of times now, it is clear that they must be doing something right, regardless of what we are consuming electronically. The originality of flavours, the unfathomably creamy gelato and the open kitchen where you can watch the desserts be created in front of your eyes all lend themselves to being a true winner!

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237 Smith Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065
1800 435 286

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