Veges and fruits and talent- O.My!

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Tyson Bertoncello is one of the brothers who own the hottest restaurant to take over Victoria this spring- O.My in Beaconsfield, recent winner of Time Out Melbourne’s Hot Talent Award.

Bringing degustation to the ‘burbs is the Bertoncello’s game, with locals Tyson and brother’s Blayne and Chayse marrying their love of market gardening with cooking.

“We grew up on a farm. I started an internship in food when I was 16, as did Blayne, the third garden

“We were the only two boys out of the four who were chefs but we all worked in restaurants,” says Tyson.

By 19 Tyson was head chef at a restaurant in the Gembrook Hills for a few years while Blayne was head cheffing elsewhere. After undertaking some travel, Blayne came home and said to Tyson “stuff it, let’s be our own bosses, leave your job Ty!”

Tyson says from the beginning, they just wanted to do the food that they loved to cook and eat, rather than cook what someone else wanted.

“There is no restaurant like that in Beaconsfield or the surrounding suburbs that just does degustation and that is what we wanted to achieve. If they are doing it in the city there is no reason why we aren’t able to achieve it here,” explains Tyson.

“I share my time between the kitchen, out the front and in the garden. Then we have got two full time gardeners and one part time, and they do work maintaining and planting new stuff.

“We can’t grow everything, we have to source some things elsewhere. We grow all your flowers, garnishes, citrus, asparagus, but we source apples from a local orchard down the road and for all our lettuce and baby carrots we go to a farm that used to be next door to our parents old farm. They pick it straight out of the ground for us.

“We always use local producers. It is important to us to know where produce is from and to build a relationship with who we are getting it from. That is the best part, being able to get apples from the orchard up the road and then you have the owners coming in for dinner and we are serving up their apples on the dish – to us that is awesome!”

The menu at O.My changes with the seasons, but also with the brothers’ tastes and whims.

Whenever there are new ingredients being grown in the garden, it prompts head chef Blayne and the young team of chefs to start experimenting with new dishes.

Tyson says they don’t like to stick to the same thing and are constantly trying to reinvent things.

Tyson thinks that as head chef, Blayne would say the most unusual dish that has appeared on the menu is their infamous pumpkin dish.

No waste pumpkin dish

No waste pumpkin dish

“That dish used every single part of the pumpkin. We made flour out of the skin and made a pasta out of it, we used the seeds, the pulp and burnt the outside of the pumpkin and turned it into a black ash powder. We even made oils out the pumpkin. That is probably the coolest dish we have done because we literally utilised every part of the pumpkin.”

Tyson says the award hasn’t changed the restaurant one little bit, but it has changed people’s perceptions of them.

“We have worked our asses off to get to where we are, so we are kind of just like, okay buckle up for the accolades actually starting to roll in.”

Tyson and his brothers firmly believe that degustation and fine dining is only going to get more popular with time.

“The whole café scene has started to spread out to the suburbs so you have all these small unique cafes doing really good coffee and food and you used to really only get that in the city. From there, the restaurants followed. The more people are educated about food, like I have said 1000 times, half of TV is to do with food these days and that is educating people, the less tolerant they will be of a crappy café or restaurant.”

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